FAQ - Enterprise ID

1. What is Enterprise ID?
Enterprise ID is a single sign-on (SSO) authentication system with 2-Step Verification as an additional layer of security.

Hence, in addition to the login username and password, you are required to enter a One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS.

As of 4th September 2017, StarHub Business customers are required to activate Enterprise ID to access StarHub Business portals.

2. If I have an existing account on My Business Account portal, what should I do?
As part of the integration, you are required to activate your new Enterprise ID in order to access My Business Account portal.

You may use your existing My Business Account username and password to start the activation process for Enterprise ID, after which an email containing more instructions will be sent to you.

3. What if my company has more than 1 account on My Business Account portal?
All users with existing My Business Account are required to activate their new Enterprise ID.

4. Will there be any changes to My Business Account portal?
There will be no changes to the existing login credentials on My Business Account. However, you are required to register your mobile number in order to receive a One-Time Password (OTP).

5. How do I sign up for Enterprise ID?
You may register your interest for Enterprise ID via the form and we will validate and activate your account within 3 working days.

An activation email* will be sent to the appointed Authorised Officer^ of your company.

*Activation link in the email is unique and valid only once. Should you fail to complete the activation process, please send a new request via the form.
^Authorised Officer refers to the point-of-contact for your company appointed during service application.


6. If I am not the appointed Authorised Officer, can I sign up for Enterprise ID?
No, only your company’s appointed Authorised Officer (AO) can create a user account on My Business Account portal and issue to the user. User will then be required to activate their Enterprise ID to access the portal.

7. How do I update my mobile number?
You may update your mobile number via My Business Account portal.


8. I forgot my password, how can I request for password reset?
At the Enterprise ID login page, click Forgot your password. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.


9. I forgot the email used for Enterprise ID login access
Your Enterprise ID is the email used when your Authorised Officer (AO) enrolled you in. You may try again with your My Business Account email address or check with your appointed Authorised Officer (AO).

10. Unable to sign in?

  • Try a different browser
  • Enable cookies in your browser, and clear your browser's cookies and cache
  • Check your spam or junk folder if you did not receive the reset password email in your inbox
  • Retype your email and password. Keep in mind that the fields are case sensitive.

If you need further assistance, you may contact your Authorised Officer (AO) to reset your password.

11. Which browser can I use?
Please use the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please note that only Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 is supported.

Click here for the full list of supported browsers.

12. Who can I contact for enquiries?
Should you have any enquiries about Enterprise ID, email businesshelpdesk@starhub.com.