• Power your marketing decisions
    with SmartHub Analytics Service

  • Power your marketing decisions
    with SmartHub Analytics Service

Areas where SmartHub can help power your next marketing campaign.
Data powers insights, insights power decisions, decisions power results. With a data-driven approach to decision making, your next marketing campaign can benefit from the power of big data to drive more targeted messages and achieve better ROI.

Mall analytics

Gather insights on which age-group contributes the biggest traffic to your mall, the traffic patterns by the hour based on demographics such as age-group and gender, and the catchment area i.e. where do your shoppers originate from and their mode of transport that they took to get to your shopping mall. Additionally, understand how dwelling time varies across the different target segments, and on different days, allows you to better plan your marketing activities, thus minimising wastage.

Tourist movement patterns

Determine by each nationality their visiting habits when they are visiting Singapore, such as which area do they frequent at different times of the day and their surfing habits i.e. what are they looking for online. Understanding their behavioural pattern will help you in designing the right hospitality packages based on your target nationalities. Additionally, you can understand their duration of stay in Singapore, including their hotel of choice. All these insights allows you to be highly efficient and targeted in running your marketing campaigns.

Online Consumer Trends

Understand the surfing behavior of your target audience such as time of day, device and top keywords used. With that, we are able to understand the latest consumer trends, preferences and interest. This could help ecommerce sites ensure they carry the right product mix, and also allows you to understand more about the profile of your competitiors' customers. 

Transportation analytics

See, analyse and determine the traffic patterns of your targeted commuters, such as peak and off-peak travel patterns by specific geographic locations, to help in resource planning and do predictive analysis. Based on consumer travel routes, outdoor media exposure can also be analysed for reach and frequency.

Event analysis

Gather insights on the demographics of your event attendees, travel patterns and their online search behaviour such as key interest areas and drive meaningful targeted marketing messages for similar future events. Track repeated events and trend its performance over time, allowing you to also count the number of repeated attendees to understand event loyalty. 

TV viewership analysis

Identify your viewer segment of your targeted programs and drive targeted marketing messages based on the analysis.

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