• Web Application
    Firewall (WAF)

  • Web Application
    Firewall (WAF)

Total Website Availability Solution
Strengthen your website against web application attacks without compromising your website access speeds.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a form of firewall that works by monitoring web application by applying a set of rules to an HTTP conversation.

It represents one of our latest solutions that protects websites from web application vulnerabilities. It provides increased security for websites against web application attacks such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, etc.

Many companies today have at least a primary presence on the Internet. Companies use websites to offer their online services or information round the clock, while organisations such as government authorities use it for relaying key messages, sharing policies and offering citizen services.

Web Application Firewall meets the fast changing cyber security landscape of today’s businesses, by providing secured web conversations, fast, efficient global web content distribution through the content delivery network (CDN), easy to set up protection without hardware installation and round-the-clock protection.

Illustration showing the website origin (Server) behind the ‘in-the-cloud’ WAF, in summary the traffic exchange paths that shows all traffic to the webserver are inspected by WAF solution. The DA (Delivery Appliances) also known as the nodes are responsible for delivery and transmitting web contents to/from the end users.

Legend: WAF = Web Application Firewall , DA = (global) delivery nodes 


Content Filtering

Blocks inappropriate HTML requests, preventing the requests from reaching the Web servers.



Layer 3-4 DoS Protection

Prevents attackers from overloading servers with large numbers of incomplete requests. 



Traffic Surge Protection

Detects any rapid rise in connection attempts and adjusts the rate at which connections are allowed to proceed to the server, preventing server overload.



Priority Queuing

Detects high-priority connections, guaranteeing unimpeded access to priority traffic users.



HTTP DoS Protection

Prevents hackers from attacking your website with large numbers of HTTP requests.




Provides customised responses to specific types of HTTP requests.



Authentication, Authorisation, Auditing (AAA)

Keeps unauthorised users out of the network, denies users access to tasks for which they are not authorised, and tracks the resources used during user sessions.




Modifies HTTP requests and responses, providing users with access to the content they requested without unnecessarily divulging details about your website's actual configuration.



URL Transformation

Modifies URLs, seamlessly redirecting requests without exposing your network structure to users, and simplifying complex internal URLs.  

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