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    Transform your business with the future of interconnectivity.
  • StarHub IoT

    Transform your business with the future of interconnectivity.
Choose the right IoT Solutions for your business.


Transform your business by improving employee efficiency, delivering better customer experiences and gaining unprecedented visibility of your supply chain, assets and operations.

At StarHub, we recognise the need for successful IoT projects which are cost-effective and easy to manage. Our mission is to help you simplify IoT by offering a wide range of high-quality, end-to-end solutions to meet your specific requirements. With our expertise at your side, you can be confident of seamless deployment & user experience.

StarHub Smart Metering IoT Solution

Smart Metering

Closely monitor water and electricity usage, leakages and faults with smart meters & audit reports, so you can enjoy power savings, reduce waste and boost operational efficiency.

StarHub Smart Parking IoT Solution

Smart Parking

Simplify your search for available parking bays, detect parking violations, and help alleviate congestion. Powered with LPWAN, it helps reduce your carbon footprint, lower costs, and improve your parking experience.

StarHub Smart Waste Management IoT Solution

Smart Waste Management

Optimise the collection and transport of waste by remote fill level measuring of waste containers so you can reduce costs, CO2 emissions, and be friendly to the environment.

StarHub Smart Robotics IoT Solution

Smart Robotics

Stay ahead in the hospitality industry with our Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS). Through automation, robots can take over mundane duties, such as cleaning, lifting and room service delivery to streamline operations, boost productivity and free up manpower to focus on more important tasks.

StarHub Rodent Monitoring IoT Solution

Rodent Monitoring

Monitor rodent activity and behavioural patterns using sensors. Analysis on data collected, such as hotspot areas, will enable better decision-making for enterprises to manage rodent-related risks more effectively.

StarHub E-call Service and IoT Solution

E-call Service

Automatic transmission of data such as location, time and direction of travel to the monitoring center in the event of a car accident. If a connection cannot be established we notify the emergency services directly, so you always have support during emergencies.

StarHub Vehicular Wi-Fi & Insights

Vehicular Wi-Fi & Insights

Enhance traveller experience with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity onboard. Dynamic processing of big data and use of intelligent data analytics for predictive planning & location based advertising.

StraHub People and Asset Tracking IoT Solution

People and Asset Tracking

Track and monitor your loved ones and valuable assets with IoT-enabled devices which allow for real-time location tracking. Notification alerts are sent when the person or item being tracked ventures or moves out of the safety zones.

See how StarHub IoT delivers next generation connectivity to boost your business productivity.


Connect your network of devices wherever they are to make them work together for you.

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M2M Workforce Manager

Optimize your most important resource, simplify workflows and shorten deployment time.

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M2M Fleet Manager

Track your vehicles wherever they go to improve visibility, control and efficiency.

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