SmartSupport Enterprise FAQ


  1. What is SmartSupport?
    SmartSupport is the personal assistant for your phone. All it takes is 4 hours for a replacement device to reach you and instant access to a tech expert to make sure your phone works the way you want it.

  2. How much is SmartSupport monthly subscription
Service SmartSupport Basic SmartSupport Plus

Monthly Subscription Fee



Tech Support (Monday to Sunday, daily)



  1. What is the difference between SmartSupport Plus and SmartSupport Basic?
    While both plans offer device replacement or swap, SmartSupport Plus comes with additional perks of technical support or an agent. 

  2. Is SmartSupport service a mobile insurance plan?
    No, SmartSupport is not a mobile insurance plan.

  3. Can I sign up to SmartSupport if I purchase a mobile device at retail price with no contract at StarHub retail outlets?
    No, you are not able to sign up to SmartSupport if you purchase a mobile device at retail price with no contract. 

  4. Handset manufacturers already provided me with 12 months warranty, why should I take up SmartSupport
    SmartSupport provides assistance in all after-sales device issues including having a device delivered to your door step and reconnecting you with your device. With SmartSupport Plus, you can even get mobile technical support on your device issue.

Eligibility For Enrolment

  1. Who is eligible to sign up to SmartSupport Enterprise?
    Customer who signs up a new corporate mobile plan or re-contracts a corporate mobile plan and purchases a new handset, will be eligible to sign up for SmartSupport at the time of signing up and purchase of the new handset.

    Applicants must be a small and medium-sized company, business or partnership registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) to be eligible for the SmartSupport Service. Applications are subject to StarHub’s approval and credit checks. StarHub reserves the right to decline any applications. Applicants are required to present their latest business profiles and other relevant documents as may be required by StarHub.

  2. Can I sign up for SmartSupport for more than one device?
    Yes, as long as each new device is associated with a corporate mobile plan. 

  3. Can I sign up for SmartSupport on my existing old Device?
    No, SmartSupport is not available for customers using their existing Device. SmartSupport service is only applicable for new mobile sign up or re-contract mobile with purchase of a new device.

  4. How do I sign up for SmartSupport for my enterprise mobile line?
    You can sign up via StarHub Account Managers, Channel Partners, StarHub Retail Shops and at SME Hub at point of purchase of new device from StarHub together with mobile plan (new or recontract).

  5. How will my company be billed?
    You will be billed a monthly fee via your StarHub corporate bill. First month’s bill will be pro-rated to your commencement date.

  6. Can I terminate my SmartSupport service anytime?
    Yes, there is no minimum contract period. You can terminate your SmartSupport service at any time.

  7. What kind of devices can I sign up for SmartSupport?
    All mobile devices that is offered by StarHub Enterprise Team or retailing at any StarHub retail outlet is able to sign up for SmartSupport.

  8. Can I retain the SmartSupport service after terminating my corporate mobile plan?
    No. SmartSupport service will be terminated when you terminate your corporate mobile plan.

  9. How do I terminate SmartSupport service?
    You can send your termination request to

  10. Is SmartSupport service transferable?
    No, SmartSupport service is not transferable. The SmartSupport service will be terminated once the transfer takes effect.

  11. I have signed up for SmartSupport service for all my mobile devices, how do I track my SmartSupport enrolment date?
    You can contact SmartSupport support via or contact SmartSupport hotline at 800 852 6030 or +65 6822 2255 (when overseas).

Device Replacement


  1. How does the 2-in-12 limit work?
    You may file up to 2 swaps or replacements within a 12month period. The table below shows how it works:
Monthly Plan Service Request limits

Service Request 1


Service Request 2


Service Request 3

12 months after Shipment date of Service Request 1

Service Request 4

12 months after Shipment date of Service Request 2


  1. What is the difference between swap and replace?
    Swap: Enrolled device is still in your possession
    Replace: Enrolled device is no longer in your possession

  2. How does StarHub determine if I get a new or refurbished set for my swap or replacement device?
    This is dependent on the stock availability at the point of service request.

  3. Can I request for a new device?
    You will not be able to request for a new device as the allocation is based on stock availability

  4. Can I reject the offer of a Like Mobile Device which is the same make and model but of a different colour?
    If you reject the Like Mobile Device due to colour, your service request will be cancelled

  5. Can I reject a Like Mobile Device which is of different make and model and request to wait for stock to be available?
    No. Only StarHub has the discretion to offer you the option to wait for up to 30 days for your device (same make, model and colour your current device) to be available

  6. What happens if stock is available before the 30 days waiting period?
    StarHub will contact you once stock is available

  7. What happens if there is still no stock after 30 days waiting period?
    StarHub will contact you after 30 days to inform you that no stock is available and offer a Like Mobile Device (may be same make/different model or different make/different model).

    If you reject the offer of a Like Mobile Device, your service request will be cancelled

  8. What is a modified device?
    Modified Device refers to either software or hardware modification or both.
    • Software modification - Some modification has been made to a Device’s operating system not undertaken or authorised by the original equipment manufacturer and includes software modification known as ‘jail-breaking’ and ‘rooting’
    • Hardware modification – hardware modification means any modification made to a Device’s hardware not undertaken or authorised by the original equipment manufacturer.
  9. Why does StarHub need to register the IMEI of the lost device with Singapore Police Force?
    Once you accept the replacement device, StarHub will become the owner of your original device and StarHub may register the IMEI of the lost device with the Singapore Police Force
  10. What happens if I recover my original device after I have completed my service request?
    As StarHub is the owner of the original device, you will have to return the original device to StarHub.  For return process, please contact SmartSupport hotline at 800 852 6030.

  11. What do you mean by a Like Mobile Device?
    Device will be replaced/swapped with like mobile device; which means
    • May be new or refurbished
    • Is of similar kind, quality and functionality
    • If refurbished, it may contain original or non-original manufacturer parts
    • Has same or greater memory
    • May be different make, model or color
    • Has a different IMEI

Fulfillment & Payment


  1. How to be eligible for service request?
    Your SmartSupport service needs to be in "active" status in order to be eligible for the service request. Your device IMEI should also match the IMEI recorded under your corporate mobile plan and you are within the limit

  2. How do I file a service request for my company?
    You may email your service request form to

    You can download the service request form at

    Complete the form by filling in the following required information:
    • Name of mobile user
    • Company Name
    • Company BRN
    • Enrolled Mobile Number
    • Enrolled Handset model
    • Enrolled Handset IMEI number
  3. Where can I download the Service Request Form?
    The Service Request Form may be downloaded from

  4. Do I need to pay upon filing for a service request?
    Yes. The service fee will be payable to Asurion, as StarHub’s service provider, for the collection of Service Fee by Credit Card or Debit Card over the phone at the time of your service request.

  5. When will my service request application be processed?
    Our agents will process service request from Mon-Sat, 9am – 6pm and an agent will contact you for verification.
    If the service request is accepted, we will arrange for delivery to your registered business address.

  6. Who or what number do I call if I need assistance on filling up the Service Request Form?
    You can contact SmartSupport via or contact SmartSupport hotline at 800 852 6030 or +65 6822 2255 (when overseas).

  7. Do I have to pay any additional charge when I file a service request?
    Yes, a service fee payable when making a service request. The service fee is based on the Tier set out in the table below applicable for your Registered Device. 
Device RRP1 Swap Fee2 Replacement Fee2




$251 - $500



$501 - $750






  1. Device RRP is the recommended retail price of your device (excluding GST) on the date you purchased from StarHub.
  2. Includes GST


  1. How do I pay for the service fee?
    You can pay via credit card or debit card or any other payment method as offered by StarHub.

  2. Do I need to be at my registered business address to accept the delivery?
    You are required to be at the registered business address to accept the delivery. Please ensure that you are personally present with the following documents  :
    • Valid proof of identity
    • Staff ID or Business Card
    • Original stamped copy of the service request form or a copy of company’s Business Profile (dated within 1 month for new customer/6 months for existing customer) from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authorities of Singapore (ACRA)
  3. How will I receive the swap/replacement device?
    The device will be sent to your registered business address on: (i) the main island of Singapore; (ii) Sentosa; or (iii) Jurong Island and the outlying islands of Singapore.

  4. What are the delivery hours?

Acceptance time of Service Request

Delivery time*

Monday to Friday, 8 am to 2 pm

Within 4 hours of the Acceptance Time

Monday to Friday, between 2 pm and midnight

The next day before 12:00 noon

Monday to Saturday, midnight to 8am

The same day before 12:00 noon

Saturday 8 am to 2 pm

Within 4 hours of the Acceptance Time

Saturday after 2 pm to Monday 8am

 Monday before 12:00 noon

* For delivery times that fall on a public holiday, the delivery will occur on the next day that is not a public holiday.


  1. Can the swap/replacement device be sent overseas?
    Yes. Additional charges will apply and timing will depend on destination.  Payment must be via credit card for overseas shipment.

  2. What do I do with the existing device if I request for a swap?
    If you request a swap, you will need to hand over your enrolled device to the courier delivering the replacement device. If you fail to hand over your existing device, courier will not deliver your replacement device and an additional charge may apply.

  3. Will accessories be included and does it come in original packaging?
    You cannot file a service request for an accessory. The replacement/swap device does not come in original packaging.

Mobile Technical Support (Applicable only to SmartSupport Plus)


  1. What 3rd party applications can MTS support?
    Any legitimate 3rd party applications that are available on official application stores, such as Google Play and Apple App Store. MTS specialists cannot support any missing features or issues within the application. 

  2. What devices can MTS support?
    MTS specialists support any devices that are available with the SmartSupport service. However, MTS specialists cannot fully support any device which is jail-broken or rooted and non-official applications.

  3. What devices does Remote Access Support?
    Remote Access only supports platforms like Android, iOS, and Blackberry. However iOS and the new Blackberry v10 do not have full remote control capabilities.

  4. What happens if SmartSupport specialists don’t have the answer for the customer?
    MTS specialists are continuously trained on the latest industry trends and technologies and equipped with powerful tools like tech labs and simulators in order to provide highest level of service to our customers.  In the rare cases where the specialists do not have answers on hand for you, they will check with the in-house database for answers before making a call back to you.