• Securing my Business

    Security solutions to protect your business against cyber threats.
  • Securing my Business

    Security solutions to protect your business against cyber threats.
Cyber attacks are inevitable. Catastrophes are optional.

StarHub delivers a comprehensive suite of cyber security services from managed security solutions to system integration and professional training services. We are the first line of a unique cyber defense that uses telco-centric visibility from network to endpoint. Monitored round-the-clock by StarHub Security Operations Centre (SSOC) for advanced threat detection and mitigation, this network-level monitoring service is integrated into the core telco infrastructure to prevent and detect cyber threats before they reach enterprises’ networks.

Collaborating with industry players and local tertiary institutions through our Cyber Security Centre of Excellence program, we work to constantly improve Singapore’s cyber security capabilities for a more secure future.


Elevating situation awareness on national and sectorial Cyber-threat landscape

StarHub’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) granular insights enable organisations to prioritise resources effectively when countering or mitigating ‘real and imminent’ threats.

Network-level monitoring to detect and spot anomalies

StarHub's Cyber Threat Management (CTM) is an integrated managed security solution that provides a comprehensive threat detection using telco-centric, network-based security monitoring at your network perimeter level.  

Defend your business with holistic cyber threat management

StarHub Unified Threat Management (UTM) gives you peace of mind with an enterprise-grade system that is simple to deploy.

Safeguard your website from defacement

StarHub’s Anti-Web Defacement solution (AWD) uses industry leading analytic engines to proactively monitor your website and provides as Restoration service should there be a defacement.

Stopping DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks

StarHub’s Clean Pipe is a fully managed solution capable of detecting DDoS activity early and stopping attacks before they can reach your network

Advanced Cyber Security defence against Malware and Targeted Attacks

StarHub's Managed Endpoint Detection and Response is a category of tools and solutions that focuses on detecting, investigating, and mitigating suspicious activities and issues on hosts and endpoints.

Detect and stop attacks on your mobile before they start

Multi-layered cloud based Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) security service that protects your business deployed devices.

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