• SmartUC

    Cloud unified communications and collaboration solution
  • SmartUC

    Cloud unified communications and collaboration solution
Cloud unified communications,
on device(s) of your choice


A hosted Unified Communications-as-a-Service solution, SmartUC boosts your business productivity and reduces communications costs and complexity.

Collaboration and communications over the cloud have never been easier, regardless of where you are, and the devices you are using. A complete solution whether you are looking for a Fixed Line, Mobile-only or Converged telephony solution.

SmartUC Mobile

  • Never miss a call with the Single Number Reach feature that allows you to remain contactable when customers call your 6-series, office number (e.g. 6488 1111), while you are on the move. SmartUC Mobile also alerts you between business and personal calls.
  • When there is staff turnover, simply retain and transfer your SmartUC 6-series number between past and existing employees to maintain customer relationships.
  • SmartUC apps work across PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, giving you the ultimate communications experience, anywhere you are.
SmartUC Fixed

  • A hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) service that helps to reduce your communications costs and complexity with a suite of advanced features like call hunting, forwarding and conferencing at your fingertips.
  • Stay on top of your business with a managed administration portal to gain access and control over your communications system.
  • Avoid excessive expenses with predictable monthly fees. You also do not pay for local call charges when you dial from your fixed lines to any users within your SmartUC network. 
SmartUC Converged

  • Combining the robust features of SmartUC Fixed and the accessibility of SmartUC Mobile – you get a collaborative environment in an unified platform, SmartUC Converged.
  • You can now do more, with less. Relieve yourself of the complex setups, installations and maintenance of a telephony system whilst enjoying benefits of a full PBX system – business phone services, instant messaging and presence, audio and video conferencing, desktop sharing and more.
  • Complete with IP Phones, SmartUC Converged is the new way of working across your PC, laptop, smartphones or tablets.

SmartUC - Catered to your business requirements

I am setting up a new business

In addition to a robust broadband connectivity, the basis of every new office entails a reliable office phone solution - SmartUC Fixed - Equipped with the fundamentals to communicate with your business associates. Also a recommended choice for businesses that require POS, fax or physical fixed lines.

SmartUC Mobile is perfect for new businesses that are operating in co-working spaces so you remain contactable on a 6-series number, on your mobile - wherever you are. And of course, you save on office rental costs! 

My business environment requires mobility

The changing business environment sees a growing number of mobile workers - utilizing personal devices for work purposes or BYOD, in short.

Tailored for new or growing businesses who have a highly mobile workforce, SmartUC Mobile gives you a professional, reliable yet cost-effective business phone solution.

My business is expanding

SmartUC Converged is easily scalable for your changing business needs. Whether you are increasing the number of staff in the same facility - or expanding to new office sites or branches – you continue to control and manage your communications platform across all users.

Strongly recommended for businesses that are still on a legacy or on-premise PBX system too.

My team is mainly desk-bound

For businesses that have significant number of desk-bound workers or even call-centre services, SmartUC transform your office into a strategic business asset, with advanced office phone features to automate, direct and handle high-volume call engagements.

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