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Enjoy unified communication across multiple devices for your business.

SmartUC Hosted is a Unified Communications-as-a-Service solution that helps improve employee effectiveness, boosts productivity, and also reduces communications costs and complexity.

Collaboration and communications have never been easier, regardless of where you are, and what type of devices you might be using. With SmartUC Hosted, you will be able to enjoy higher levels of productivity and effectiveness through features like instant messaging and other collaboration tools.

With SmartUC Hosted, you have a complete solution whether you are looking for a Fixed Line (i) or a  (ii) Mobile  or (iii) Converged  telephony solution.

SmartUC Fixed


SmartUC Fixed is a hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) service that helps to reduce your communications costs and complexity.

Enhance your office communication with a suite of advanced telephony functions. Get advanced PBX features like call hunting, hot desking and conferencing at your fingertips.

SmartUC Fixed makes it easy for you to manage all your business communications through a user-friendly managed administration portal that gives you access and control over your communications system. Through this, you can stay on top of your business with ease.

What's more, avoid excessive expenses with predictable monthly fees. You do not pay for local call charges when you dial from your fixed lines to any users within your SmartUC network. SmartUC Fixed assures you that your business phone lines are reliable and provide good quality voice calls every time.

SmartUC Fixed is the recommended choice for retail and professional service businesses that require POS, Fax and DID lines.

SmartUC Mobile


In today's fast paced business environment, your people are always on the move and bringing their own personal devices to work (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device).

Never miss a call with the Single Number Reach feature that allows you to remain contactable when customers call your office number while you are on the move. You can maintain a constant relationship with your customers even when there is staff turn-over – simply retain and transfer your SmartUC office number between past and existing employees to maintain customer relationships. Smart UC Mobile also alerts you and helps you to distinguish between business calls and personal calls.

Tailored for growing businesses who have a highly mobile workforce that is always on the move, SmartUC Mobile is the best choice for a professional, reliable and cost effective business phone solution.

SmartUC Converged


The SmartUC Converged platform is easily scalable so that you can grow and expand from SmartUC Fixed or Mobile for a complete business communications solution.

For a busy, growing business, you need not concern yourself with complex setups and installations. You can manage your communications needs with just a single platform, stay hassle free with a single bill and 24x7 technical support.

Choose SmartUC Converged if you require:

  • Seamless mobility in and out of office Mobile phones for your staff
  • Enhanced office phone system
  • Extension dialing
  • Messaging
  • Collaboration
  • … and many more

Find out how our SmartUC solution could enhance your business communication.


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