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StarHub Fixed Networks - Notification to StarHub Ltd of Commencement and Performance of Earthworks

Application form for "Notice for Commencement of Earthworks".


  1. Introduction
    With effect from 1 July 2000, in conjunction with the licensing of telecommunication cable detection workers by the InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and in compliance with section 29(1) of the Telecommunication Act 1999 (the Act), the administration procedures for the notification by the contractors/principals to StarHub Ltd are as contained herein.
  2. Definition of Telecommunication Cables
    All copper cables of 5 pairs and above up to 4800 pairs counts and optical fibre cables of 6 to 96 fibre count and above.
  3. Administration Procedure
    1. The principals/contractors must obtain the latest plant information from StarHub Ltd for the area of intended earthworks.
    2. The principals/contractors must engage licensed Telecommunication Cable Detection Worker (TCDW) to locate and trace the plant routes before commencement of any earthworks in the vicinity of telecommunication cables.
    3. The TCDW must submit the detected plant route information to the principals/contractors and service provider and keep a set of records for future reference.
    4. Upon receipt of notification, StarHub Ltd will respond within 7 days, from the time of receipt, with an acknowledgement of the notification or respond with the requirements for a site visit with the principals/contractors for further discussion and consultation.
    5. Principals/Contractors can proceed with the earthworks on the scheduled commencement dates upon receipt of StarHub Ltd 's acknowledgement that such earthworks are permitted.
    6. Each notification will expire within a month from the date of notification if the intended earthworks are not carried out. Upon expiry, a fresh notification is required from the contractor again to notify StarHub Ltd on the new scheduled commencement date.
  4. Contractor's Responsibilities
    1. Contractors must comply with the following:
      1. Buy the service layout plan from StarHub Ltd to obtain necessary plant information at the vicinity of intended excavation;
      2. Engage a licensed TCDW to detect the cable routes;
      3. Give StarHub Ltd not less than 7 days notice in writing of the date which it is proposed to commence the earthwork;
      4. Refer to IDA COPTEL Appendix 1 on the Do's & Don'ts before earthworks and consult StarHub Ltd on the steps to be taken to prevent cable damage.
    2. It shall also be the duty of the contractors to:
      1. Comply with all reasonable requirements of StarHub Ltd's additional conditions if any;
      2. Ensure that reasonable precautions such as trial holes by manual works are taken when carrying out earthworks;
      3. Allow StarHub Ltd reasonable access to the worksite;
      4. Stop all earthworks when telecommunication cables are damaged and immediately inform StarHub Ltd.
      5. Provide a contact person at all times whilst work is being carried out.
  5. Submissions And Conditions
    1. The Notice shall be submitted on a standard form (Annex 1) as prescribed by StarHub Ltd.
    2. The Notice shall be sent by post, fax or submitted by hand to :
      StarHub Ltd
      Network Infrastructure & Development
      67 Ubi Avenue 1
      #05-01 StarHub Green
      Singapore 408942
    3. A processing charge of $20 per notice will be levied. An additional charge of $60 or $100 (half or full day) for consultation work including site inspection, call-outs for cable cuts and other field work will be levied, if required.
    4. Payment as well as all documents necessary for StarHub Ltd to process the Notice must accompany the Notices e.g. cable detection drawings by licensed TCDW, proposed site plan and work schedule.
    5. Conditions and safety measures, if necessary, will be conveyed at the same time in StarHub Ltd 's response.
    6. StarHub Ltd reserves the right to include additional conditions and/or modify existing conditions during the duration of earthworks if damage to cable is imminent.
  6. Method Of Payment
    1. Payment to be made upon submission, NETS or Credit Cards only.