• 													How to switch to StarHub

    Moving from another telco isn't as tough as you think!
  • How to switch to StarHub

    Moving from another telco isn't as tough as you think!
So you want to switch your mobile and TV to StarHub.

To make the switch easier:

  1. We suggest waiting until your contract with your current telco expires.
  2. If not, do be aware of their early termination charges.
  3. Make sure you've got no outstanding bills with them.
  4. Shop online! To do so, you just need a StarHub account (Hub iD).
    Easily create one now.
  5. Scan a copy or take a picture of your NRIC/FIN pass.
    We'll ask you to upload it as you check out online.
  6. Save with a bundle if you want multiple services. We'll show you options later, if any.

But for now, read on!

Switching Mobile

How to Switch


Number Porting

  1. When customising your plan, select [Port from another telco] and share your details. We'll port your number for FREE. 
  2. After you get your new phone and SIM card, we'll SMS to inform you when porting will begin. It's usually done in a day.
  3. Once successful, we'll SMS you. You can start using your number on your new StarHub SIM card.



  • If you wish to keep your number, DO NOT cancel your current mobile line! It must be active until the switch is done.
  • Want to port over a non-StarHub prepaid number? Visit a StarHub Shop and we'll take care of it for you!

Quick Tip!

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Switching TV

How to Switch
  1. You can get StarHub TV on fibre or cable. Fibre TV requires a StarHub fibre broadband subscription. What's great about Fibre TV?
  2. If you want fibre TV, just subscribe to a HomeHub Plus bundle. It gives you both fibre broadband and TV. If you already have our fibre broadband, you can upgrade to HomeHub.
  3. As you customise your bundle, you can pick the TV packs and channels you want.
  4. After you check out, we'll call you within 48 hours to arrange a date for your FREE delivery and installation if it applies.
  5. If so, do be present at home for the installation. We'll come set up your fibre TV and help answer any questions!
  6. If your home's only cable-ready, simply subscribe to any TV pack now and check out online.



  • To avoid breaks in entertainment, you should cancel your current TV service only after StarHub TV is in place.
  • When cancelling your old TV service, do bring all the returnable items when you visit your current telco's shop. I.e.: set-top box(es), AV cables, remote control, etc.

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