• 													How to switch to StarHub

    Moving from another telco isn't as tough as you think!
  • How to switch to StarHub

    Moving from another telco isn't as tough as you think!
So you want to switch your broadband to StarHub.

To make the switch easier:

  1. We suggest waiting until your contract with your current telco expires.
  2. If not, do be aware of their early termination charges.
  3. Make sure you've got no outstanding bills with them.
  4. Shop online! To do so, you just need a StarHub account (Hub iD).
    Easily create one now.
  5. Scan a copy or take a picture of your NRIC/FIN pass.
    We'll ask you to upload it as you check out online.
  6. Save with a bundle if you want multiple services. We'll show you options later, if any.

But for now, read on!

Switching Broadband

How to Switch
  1. Check that your home is fibre-ready.
  2. If it is, pick any of our fibre broadband plans! Easily buy it online.
  3. After you check out, we'll call you within 48 hours to arrange a date for your FREE delivery and installation if it applies.
  4. Be present at home for the installation. We'll come set up, secure your Wi-Fi network and help answer any questions. Then you're ready to surf!
  5. Here's a quick guide on what to expect during installation.



  • Don't cancel your current broadband service yet. When we call, we'll advise on your next steps so you won't lose connection during switching.
  • Don't cancel your home phone line if you wish to keep the number. Let us know when we call you and we'll help.

Quick Tip!

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