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Cessation of Pawagam Indonesia (SVOD) (Ch 119)

When is StarHub discontinuing Pawagam Indonesia (SVOD) (Ch 119)?

Pawagam Indonesia (SVOD) will no longer be available on StarHub TV from 12 March 2024.

Why is StarHub discontinuing Pawagam Indonesia (SVOD) (Ch 119)?

The discontinuation of Pawagam Indonesia (SVOD) on StarHub TV is part of our ongoing effort to streamline our TV offers so that we can bring new and exciting content to you.

You may visit for more details.

Where can I continue to enjoy similar content on StarHub TV if I am subscribed to Malay+/Malay Entertainment Pass/Idaman Pack?

You can continue to enjoy alternative programmes on Karisma (Ch 116) as the channel has 9 slots of telemovies on daily basis:

  • 1:40am
  • 5:00am
  • 7:20am
  • 10:35am
  • 12:55pm
  • 3:15pm
  • 5:40pm
  • 8:00pm
  • 11:30pm

You can also enjoy even more entertaining Indonesian content on Citra Entertainment (Ch 115).

For the channel listing, please visit

With the discontinuation of Pawagam Indonesia (SVOD) (Ch 119), will there be any changes in the subscription fee of Malay+/Malay Entertainment Pass/Idaman Pack?

There will be no changes in the subscription fee of any of the mentioned passes. Alternative channels, such as Karisma (Ch 116) and Citra Entertainment (Ch 115) are available daily for your enjoyment.