FAQ - RugbyPass TV


Q1. What is RugbyPass TV? 

RugbyPass TV is a 24X7 rugby focused channel that offers key rugby content such as Super Rugby, Rugby Championship, Six Nations, Champions Cup, Challenge Cup etc.


Q2. When will RugbyPass TV be launched?

The channel will be launched on 7 Oct, 12pm.


Q3. Where can I watch RugbyPass TV?

RugbyPass TV will only be available on StarHub TV+. You can access StarHub TV+ via:


Q4. Will there be a Free Preview of RugbyPass TV? 

Good News! We have extended the Free Preview of RugbyPass TV. You can enjoy the Free Preview of RugbyPass TV from 16 Sep, 10am till 7 Oct, 12pm on StarHub TV+. You can access StarHub TV+ via:

The Free Preview is open to all StarHub Postpaid customers. A Hub iD is required to login to StarHub TV+ to watch the Free Preview.


Q5. How can I continue watching RugbyPass TV after the Free Preview ends?

RugbyPass TV is available as an Add-on channel at $24.90/month (with GST) under the new StarHub TV+ Plan.

To continue watching RugbyPass TV, you need to switch to the new StarHub TV+ Plan by subscribing to at least one StarHub TV+ Pass before you can add on RugbyPass TV.

To switch from your existing StarHub Entertainment Pass or Basic Tier Plans to StarHub TV+ Pass, simply call 1630, visit https://www.starhub.com/personal/store/tv.html or visit any StarHub Shop.


Q6. Is there any contract commitment for RugbyPass TV?

RugbyPass TV is an Add-on channel that does not come with any contract commitment.

However, the StarHub TV+ Pass will come with a default 24-month contract or you can choose to top-up $10/month for 12-month contract or $20/month for No Contract.


Q7. Why can’t I watch RugbyPass TV on my current Fibre TV set-top box?

RugbyPass TV is only available on the new StarHub TV+ Plan, which is accessible via StarHub TV+, hence it is not accessible via the Fibre TV set-top box.


Q8. Why is RugbyPass TV not available on StarHub Entertainment Pass and Basic Tier Plans?

The StarHub TV+ Plan is the new StarHub Entertainment experience. We strongly encourage our existing StarHub Entertainment Pass or Basic Tier Plans customers to recontract to the new StarHub TV+ Plan to enjoy the new channels. There will be no ETC charges if you decide to recontract from your current StarHub Entertainment Pass or Basic Tier to our new StarHub TV+ Plan.


Q9. Where can I find the schedules for RugbyPass TV?

Please refer to the Online Programme Guide available at https://www.starhubtvplus.com/guide. Alternatively, the schedules are also made available via the LIVE TV section on StarHub TV+ App.


Q10. Will there be any VOD catch-up for RugbyPass TV?

There will be no VOD catch up for RugbyPass TV.