Terms & Conditions - HomeHub Plus Promotion


  1. General
    1. In addition to these Promotion Terms & Conditions, your subscription to the HomeHub Plan is subject to StarHub's General Consumer Terms & Conditions, Service Specific Terms & Conditions for HomeHub Plan, and any other terms and conditions that you and we may have agreed to from time to time. You may view our terms and conditions at https://www.starhub.com
    2. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between any provision of these Promotion Terms & Conditions, the General Consumer Terms & Conditions and Service Specific Terms & Conditions, the documents shall be construed in the following order of precedence:
      1. Promotion Terms & Conditions;
      2. Service Specific Terms & Conditions for HomeHub Plan; and
      3. General Consumer Terms & Conditions.
  2. Eligibility and Availability
    1. Under this promotion and subject always to availability, you would be eligible to request to subscribe for the HomeHub Plan if you:
      1. are a residential customer who is 18 years old and above;
      2. have a new subscription for Fibre Home Broadband, StarHub Fibre TV, Digital Voice Home (Fibre) and MaxMobile services;
      3. have fibre-ready premises which have a certified Fibre Termination Point (“FTP”) within the premises; and
      4. have no outstanding bills with us at the time of your request for subscription.
    2. If you have existing Fibre Home Broadband, StarHub Fibre TV, MaxMobile Broadband (Applicable Plan: Free MaxMobile (1GB) Datapack) and/or fibre Digital Voice Home service(s) and you have fulfilled the minimum period of service under the contract for each individual service, you may transfer the individual service to the HomeHub Plan.
    3. If you have an existing Cable Home Broadband, StarHub Cable TV or cable Digital Voice Home service, you would have to subscribe to the equivalent StarHub fibre service to be eligible for the HomeHub Plan.
    4. The number of HomeHub Plans that are available under this promotion is limited.  We will inform you of the availability of the HomeHub Plan at the time of your request.
    5. We reserve the sole right and discretion to determine your eligibility for the HomeHub Plan.
  3. HomeHub Plan
    1. Valid with a 24-month contract.
    2. The HomeHub Promotion subscription and contract will commence after all TV, Home Broadband, Digital Voice Home (if you opt in) and MaxMobile services are fully installed and activated.
    3. Prior to the commencement of the HomeHub Promotion subscription, the Charges set out below will apply for each active individual Service;
      1. StarHub TV:
        1. 3 of 7 TV Groups will be free; and
        2. Charges will apply for additional TV subscriptions and set-top boxes.
      2. Home Broadband:
        1. 500Mbps Fibre Broadband: $39.90 per month; or
        2. 1000Mbps Fibre Broadband: $49.90 per month.
      3. MaxMobile Free 1GB:
        1. Free; and
        2. Excess usage charges and value-added services subscription(s) are applicable.
      4. Digital Voice Home:
        1. $2.10 per month; and
        2. IDD usage and value-added services subscription(s) are applicable.
    4. There is a minimum period of service of 24 continuous months for the HomeHub Plan (“HomeHub Plan Minimum Period of Service”). Early Termination Charges (“ETCs”) will apply in the event of any premature termination. Please refer to your Service Agreement for the applicable Early Termination Charge.
    5. In addition to the ETCs specified above, the following charges will be applicable if the Fibre Broadband service is terminated.
      1. Tiered 12-month Service Early Termination Charge calculated as follows:
        1. $385.20 x number of days unfulfilled in Fibre Broadband Minimum Period of Service / 365 days
      2. A Disconnection Fee of $32.10 applies if the Fibre Broadband service is terminated at any point in time
    6. Upon re-contract to HomeHub, if you have additional mobile line(s) under HomeHub Go Mobile Add-on Plan (Surf 7/Talk 700), Surf 7/Talk 700 will be defaulted to corresponding standalone Mobile Plan.
    7. If you have already subscribed to a HomeHub Plan and wish to change to a different HomeHub Plan, you will first be required to terminate the contract for the original HomeHub Plan. If you terminate your original HomeHub Plan before the expiry of the HomeHub Plan Minimum Period of Service, ETCs will apply.
    8. Any period of suspension will not be counted towards the HomeHub Plan Minimum Period of Service.
  4. Promotional Period
    1. The promotional period under which the HomeHub Plan is available for request is for a limited duration and will expire upon further notice by us.  We reserve the full right and discretion to determine the date when we will cease to make available the HomeHub Plan.
  5. Additional Fees and Requirements
    1. The following one-time charges are applicable if you have signed up to new contracts for the following services, unless there is a prevailing promotion. For StarHub TV and/or Home Broadband services, you will be billed the higher charge listed below and not both.
      1. StarHub TV Service Activation Fee
        1. $32.10
      2. StarHub TV Installation Fee
        1. $53.50
      3. Home Broadband Service Activation Fee
        1. $56.71
      4. Home Broadband Installation Fee
        1. $90.00
      5. Digital Voice Home Activation Fee
        1. $21.40
      6. StarHub DV Installation Fee
        1. $53.50
      7. MaxMobile Service SIM Activation Fee
        1. $37.45
      8. MaxMobile Service Registration Fee
        1. $10.70
      9. Fibre Termination Point Installation Fee (Up to 15-metres)
        1. $160.50 (High Rise – Condominium or HDB)
        2. $288.90 (Landed - Residential)

    2. If you are a new HomeHub customer, you may opt out of the fibre Digital Voice service, but if you do so, there shall be no change to the HomeHub subscription Charges.
    3. If you opt out of the Digital Voice Home service, you may only sign up for this service during your subsequent re-contract to the HomeHub Plan.
    4. The following Fibre Termination Point (“FTP”) charges are applicable for cancellation, relocation and repair as may be requested by you.
      1. Cancellation of FTP Installation (before ready-for-service date)
        1. $235.40 (High Rise – Condominium or HDB)
        2. $481.50 (Landed - Residential)
      2. Relocation Fee of FTP - Per request to change residential service address
        1. Relocation Charge : $120.00
      3. Repair of existing FTP (Damaged or Faulty)
        1. NetLink Trust will need to be engaged to repair or replace your FTP. The applicable charges will be quoted by NLT onsite.
    5. The charges listed above may change from time to time.  For the most updated charges, please refer to our website at  www.starhub.com/hubbing.
    6. For the StarHub Fibre TV Service, a fibre TV set-top box is required. Standard rental charges apply. An additional monthly screen fee of $10.70 (w/GST) applies on top of standard rental charges for each additional set-top box.
    7. There is a maximum limit of 4 set-top boxes that may be rented for each subscription of the StarHub Fibre TV Service.  If the number of set-top boxes that you require exceeds the maximum limit, you may still procure them by entering into an additional subscription for the additional set-top boxes.
    8. MaxMobile 21Mbps (1GB) comes with 1GB bundled data. Excess data usage will be charged at $8.56 per GB. Monthly bill is capped at $168.
    9. You will need certain Equipment to access our Home Broadband Services, including: (a) Voice-enabled Optical Network Terminal ("VeONT") for Fibre Home Broadband Service and Digital Voice Home; or (b) Optical Network Terminal (“ONT”) for Fibre Home Broadband Service without Digital Voice Home. You shall be required to lease an Optical Network Terminal from StarHub or the relevant service provider.
    10. The value of the Equipment we provide may not be used to offset existing subscription charges or outstanding balances, or exchanged for cash or benefits-in-kind.
    11. We will not be responsible for any defects in the Equipment or any items which you may have connected to the Equipment. The Equipment are subject to the terms of warranty from the relevant manufacturers.
  6. HomeHub Voucher
    1. By subscribing to the HomeHub Plan, you will, subject to applicable terms and conditions, be entitled to receive from us a HomeHub Voucher each month. We will inform you of the value of the HomeHub Voucher, which shall be determined based on the type of HomeHub Plan you subscribe to.
    2. The HomeHub Voucher will be issued upon commencement of your HomeHub Plan.
    3. The HomeHub Voucher will be credited into your bill on a monthly basis.
    4. If you subscribe to any of the eligible add-on channels and/or add-on groups while you are on the HomeHub Plan, and subscription is effected not at point of new sales or recontract to the HomeHub Plan, the pro-rated and advanced subscription charges will only be offset against your next HomeHub Voucher in your subsequent bill.
    5. The HomeHub Voucher may be used to offset certain Charges incurred by you in relation to StarHub TV services which are over and above the minimum 3 Groups required for the subscription of the StarHub TV services. We will notify you of such Charges from time to time. Currently, Charges which may be offset using the HomeHub Voucher are those relating to additional groups of channels, add-on channels and/or add-on groups purchased by you, but excluding Add-on Packs. "Add-on Packs" include without limitation the Box Office Pack, Supreme Box Office Pack, Yu Le Pack, Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack, Thangam Pack, Idaman Pack, Ultimate Pinoy Pack, Manoranjan Pack and Thangam Migai Pack and Connoisseur Pack.
    6. For video-on-demand services, the HomeHub Voucher may be used to offset Charges for video-on-demand services purchased via your set-top-box only and cannot be used for video-on-demand services purchased via the StarHub Go Service or the StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service.
    7. The HomeHub Voucher cannot be used to offset Charges in relation to any type of television content purchased via the StarHub Go Service or StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service.
    8. The value under your HomeHub Voucher for each month will only be credited and reflected in your bill if there are applicable TV Charges that are eligible for offset in the manner described above. Any unused or remaining value of the HomeHub Voucher will be forfeited and will not be carried forward to the following month.
    9. You will be entitled to the full value of your HomeHub Voucher, provided all the Services under your HomeHub Plan remain active in the relevant month during which your HomeHub Voucher is valid. If your HomeHub Plan or any Individual Service thereunder is suspended for any period whatsoever, you will not be entitled to the value of the HomeHub Voucher that is attributable to that period of suspension.
    10. The HomeHub Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or benefits-in-kind, and is non-transferable.
  7. Google Home Mini and Google Home
    1. Customers can choose to purchase 1 unit of Google Home or Google Home Mini at a discount with every new sign up or recontract to HomeHub Plus.
    2. At all times, all Google devices and their colours are subject to stock availability.
    3. Purchase of a second and/or subsequent Google devices is available at our retail outlets, subject to stock availability and based on their prevailing retail prices.
    4. A Google device cannot be exchanged for any benefit-in-kind, non-exchangeable and is non-refundable.
    5. All Google devices provided are covered by the terms of their manufacturer’s warranty only. If you make any claim under the manufacturer’s warranty, you must provide the original proof of purchase of such Google devices from us.
    6. We do not provide installation for any of these Google devices.
    7. Delivery is available at a charge of $12.84 per trip together with installation of your StarHub postpaid services. No standalone delivery is provided.
  8. Hub Club Membership
    1. In addition, if you are an existing subscriber or if you subscribe to a new StarHub mobile line, you will be entitled to be a HubClub member. As a Hub Club member, you will also enjoy:
      1. A handset upgrade waiver of $200 on the early mobile re-contract fee (which may be $200 or $300, depending on the mobile plan) is applicable to one mobile line (that is registered under Hub Club Member's NRIC/FIN) every 12 months. This is provided that there are no outstanding balances and the mobile line for which the waiver is sought must be in active use for at least 12 months;
      2. Up to 30% savings on your mobile service subscription fees.
      3. 10% savings on additional TV charges after deducting value of HomeHub Voucher.
    2. The Hub Club Service Specific Terms and Conditions set out in www.starhub.com also apply.
  9. Others
    1. StarHub TV Go Value-added Service is available at a promotional rate of $2/month for 12 months. The usual price of $5.35/month applies thereafter. No commitment is required. This promotion is valid until 31 March 2019. For details, visit www.starhub.com/tv-go.
    2. For Fibre Home Broadband Services, actual bandwidth is dependent on hardware, software, signal strength of the wifi connectivity, Internet traffic and destination server.
    3. This Promotion is not available with other discounts, promotions, special packages or offers, unless specified by StarHub.
    4. This Promotion cannot be used to offset subscription charges or outstanding balances, and cannot be exchanged for cash or benefit-in-kind and is non-refundable.
    5. In the event of a dispute, a customer's entitlement to this Promotion is subject to our sole discretion and final determination.
    6. We reserve the right to revise any of these Promotion Terms & Conditions at its discretion without prior notice. Use of any service under the HomeHub Plan will constitute acceptance of these Promotion Terms and Conditions and the amendments thereof.
    7. These Promotions terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and you and we have agreed to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of Singapore.
  10. Channel Listing and Availability
    1. Please refer to www.starhub.com/channel-listing for the updated StarHub TV channel line-up and channel availability.