Enjoy faster and better coverage at home with StarHub Broadband.

When you get StarHub Broadband, magic happens. Your WiFi just works, all around your home. No dead spots. No drop-offs. It’s WiFi that makes your connections, happy ones. #HappyWiFi


Better WiFi coverage

Google Wifi replaces your router with multiple WiFi points so that all your devices can bask in one ultra-fast mesh network.


Faster speeds

Stream, surf and game at ultra-fast speeds
with Linksys EA8100-AH MAX-STREAMTM AC2600 wireless router.

Professional assessment

Our WiFi Assessment service includes a home survey to assess your home’s unique architecture and comprehensive recommendations on how to optimise your home WiFi coverage.
Worry-free installation

Need a little extra help? Our dedicated tech experts, the Hub Troopers are on hand to assist you with installation, set-up, troubleshooting and show you how everything works.
Reliable 24/7 support

Our customer service consultant are always one call away to assist you in any broadband connectivity issues you may have.