Terms and Conditions - HomeInsuredTM


  1. As a StarHub Service subscriber, you are offered the option to obtain a $1500 complimentary home contents coverage (“HomeInsured™”) for a period of twelve (12) months (“Insurance Promotion”) underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited (“Chubb”). To sign-up, you must indicate your interest at the point that it is offered.
  2. The offer is not available with other promotions, unless specified by StarHub.
  3. In agreeing to participate in the Insurance Promotion, you expressly consent to StarHub’s release and disclosure of your personal information contained in the Service application form including your full name, NRIC, nationality, date of birth, service address, home number, mobile number, office number and electronic mail (“Email”) address (collectively “Personal Data”) to Chubb for the purposes of:
    1. Chubb evaluating your eligibility to participate in the HomeInsured™ Offer;
    2. Chubb contacting you via telephone, mail, email and/or SMS regarding HomeInsured™ policy information, administration, customer service, marketing and other related activities in the future;
    3. HomeInsured™ policy administration; and
    4. Chubb’s other Insurance products
  4. You are deemed to give consent and authorisation to Chubb to collect, use, disclose, and/or process your Personal Data or other similar information supplied by you to Chubb without further notification to you, and to disclose aforesaid information confidentially with Chubb’s affiliated companies, third party service providers, business partners and/or other parties which may be sited outside of Singapore, for administering policies taken out with Chubb, customer services and to allow Chubb and/or its business partners to perform marketing and related activities, until Chubb receives your written instruction to the contrary. Upon your written request, Chubb shall, without charge, cease to use your personal information for purposes other than those directly related to this Policy. A copy of Chubb's Personal Data Protection Policy can be found at http://www.chubb.com/sg-privacy and you are deemed to have read the same.
  5. Any change in your consent, update in personal information affecting an insurance product and policy questions must be made directly to Chubb. You can write to Chubb’s Data Protection Officer for any request to withdraw your consent to and/or correction of any personal information supplied to Chubb. The contact for Chubb’s Data Protection Officer can be found at http://www.chubb.com/sg-privacy.
  6. Upon your written request, Chubb shall, without charge, cease to use your personal information for purposes other than those directly related to this Policy.
  7. You accept that StarHub is not responsible and shall not be liable for any claims, costs, actions or proceedings, loss or damage that may arise out of or in relation to (i) your application for HomeInsured; (ii) StarHub’s disclosure of your Personal Data to Chubb pursuant to your request; and/or (iii) Chubb’s use, collection and disclosure of the Personal Data. Notwithstanding, StarHub remains responsible for Personal Data in its own possession pursuant to its Personal Data Protection Policy.
  8. StarHub does not make any evaluation or decision concerning Chubb’s acceptance of your application to obtain a HomeInsured™ policy under the Insurance Promotion and you understand that Chubb may reject your application hereunder, subject to its own terms and conditions, without any notifications.
  9. StarHub is not in the insurance business and is not acting as an agent or broker for Chubb.  StarHub, on behalf of itself and its officers, directors and employees, is not and will not promote, endorse, recommend, procure or advise on any insurance product or matter related thereto.
  10. StarHub makes no representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever with regard to the Insurance Promotion or any other any insurance product offered by Chubb including as to your eligibility, the suitability or viability of any Chubb insurance product, or that information provided to you is complete, timely, reliable or free from errors or inaccuracies.
  11. HomeInsured is underwritten by Chubb and not StarHub. All matters concerning or affecting any Chubb insurance product including eligibility, enrolment, enforcement, and claims must be made directly to Chubb.
    If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Chubb’s Customer Service Hotline at +65 6299 0988 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 5.00pm); or email CustomerService.SG@chubb.com
  12. The terms and conditions of the HomeInsured™ policy can be found at www.chubb.com/sg-HomeInsured
  13. You are encouraged to consult with your personal insurance or financial advisor regarding this Insurance Promotion or any insurance product offered to you as a result of your participation.
  14. The terms and conditions of this Insurance Promotion shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and you and we have agreed to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.