Managing your money can be a daunting task - but it doesn't have to be a sinking sea of spreadsheets. Skip the accountant's fee and download these few smart personal finance apps to take back control of your bank account.


One of the things your phone does best is help you keep a record of what you're spending. Popular apps like Expensify, Seedly, YNAB and Moneylover offer one-tap record keeping for personal and business users who want to keep an orderly expense report. Barcode scanning, receipt readers, time and mileage trackers and inbuilt currency convertors are now standard across the board - the app you pick just needs to be the one that offers the most features for your specific needs. If you want all of the above with a bit more visual flair, check out Wally and Toshl Finance for their more user-friendly look and feel.


If you've got money on the market, there's no need to pick up the financial section of the newspaper anymore. Check the forecasts on the Bloomberg News app, and download SGX Mobile for real-time stock and forex data on exchanges, currencies, futures and commodities with customisable alerts and watch lists to make sure you don't miss anything.


Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay have already revolutionised the physical shopping experience - and we can expect more of the same over the next few years. With more payments being conducted digitally than ever before, it's wise to keep AXS Payment and PayPal on your home screen to keep track of any money coming in and out - with both services offering much more speed, versatility and management tools than the personal banking apps of individual banks.


There are dozens of great currency conversion apps around: Amount (iOS only) frequently tops the charts - which is a great app for converting weight, height, heat and speed as well as money), but you'll need something like XE or iCurrencyPad (iOS only) to access historical prices and calculators. If you do have a lot of difficult sums to work out, download EZ Financial Calculators to work out everything from APR and ROI to compound interest and restaurant tips.

Want more data for these great apps? We have your back. Simply add 3GB more to your StarHub Mobile plan at only $6/month for all your personal finance needs! It's that easy.

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