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Earlier this week, we shared our two cents’ worth on the Manchester City vs. Liverpool matchup, but if the cover image is anything to go by, it’s not the only one you’ll want to keep an eye on this weekend.

Case in point, there’s also Newcastle vs. Manchester United, which is scheduled for 11.30pm on Sunday, 2 Apr at the St. James Park Stadium. Additionally, yes - our offer from before still stands. By signing up for our Free Access opportunity, you can enjoy a “Premier League weekend” on the ‘Hub, so once you’ve done that, let’s see how the Magpies shape up against the Red Devils.


Newcastle United: 5th Place


Apart from a dip from 7th to 12th position between the 4th and 5th week, the Magpies have had a great season with 47 points accrued over 12 wins, 11 draws and 3 losses. They’ve consistently kept themselves in the top 5 or 6 over the past few months – since October, in fact, and that’s already worlds better than their last run.

Speaking of which, their previous brush with the Red Devils also took place during that time. The latter played host on their home turf at Old Trafford, though neither side was really able to make any headway against the other, culminating in a 0-0 draw. On the whole, Newcastle has got a real shot at the trophy this time round, though it’s still going to be an uphill battle.


Player Check: Miguel Almiron (Midfielder)

Boasting a tally of 11 goals in 25 appearances, the Paraguayan midfielder is in pretty good form right now, and that’s worrying news for the Red Devils. However, the reason why we’re keeping an eye on him has absolutely nothing to do with their opponents this weekend.

Rather, it’s about how Almiron basically has Man City’s Jack Grealish eating humble pie by the trayful. Grealish had previously likened a missed opportunity by teammate Riyad Mahrez to Almiron’s supposed inability to score, and yet the Paraguayan has netted nearly four times as many goals as him (Grealish) this season. Frankly, we just want to see how wrong Almiron can prove him!


Manchester United: 3rd Place


With 50 points accrued over 15 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses, United are sitting quite comfortably at 3rd place. But, to give credit where it’s due, the Red Devils worked hard for their current ranking, which is quite impressive after a less-than-spectacular start to their season.

Right from the get-go, a 2-1 loss against Brighton and Hove Albion followed by an even more surprising 4-0 defeat by Brentford sent United plummeting all the way down to the bottom of the Premier League table. Fortunately, they were able to climb back up the ranks, and aside from that recent (and somewhat embarrassing) 7-0 steamroll by Liverpool, they’re mostly holding their own.



Player Check: David de Gea (Goalkeeper)

Yes, we know it’s a sore spot for the United fans, but it’s hard not to wonder how Liverpool snuck seven goals past someone as experienced as David de Gea. Admittedly, he didn’t concede any in the Devils’ subsequent match against Southampton, which is great, but then Brentford got four goals by him too several weeks ago.

Maybe both of those teams just played really well, or maybe he’s just been feeling a little under the weather – maybe it’s both, but who knows? Regardless of the reason, what we can say for certain is that the fans eyes’ will definitely be on him and United’s defensive core this weekend. Were those one-sided losses just the odd blip on the radar? Guess there’s only one way to find out.


Who’s our pick?


Surprisingly (or not), we’re probably going with Newcastle. Although both clubs are hovering comfortably within the top five, the Magpies seem to be in better form (and spirits!) than the Red Devils.

Of course, it’s not just because the latter just got demolished by Liverpool, either, though it is a contributing factor. Between Newcastle’s above-average performance this season, not to mention their ongoing 2-match win streak over Wolverhampton Wanderers and Nottingham Forest, it’s safe to say morale’s much higher over at St. James Park than Old Trafford. Speaking of which, the Magpies will also be playing United on their home turf this Sunday, and which team in their right mind wants to “take the L” on their front porch?

In other words, Newcastle’s in the best shape they’ve been in a while.


Where to watch Newcastle vs Manchester United live match?


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