Last September, a toxic haze descended upon Singapore. Schools were closed. Events were cancelled. McDonald’s stopped delivering food. And hundreds of people decided to spend the night in the street so they could get their hands on a new iPhone.


Slumped on the floor behind plastic barriers, the sea of face-masks that peered up at the cameras at 8am looked a lot less excited than they did when they turned up the afternoon before. "I just really want to get the phone," one fan sobbed to a reporter.


This year it's set to happen all over again when Apple release the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus on 17th September. Sure, there’s a lot to be said for sitting on the floor of a shopping mall for 12 hours. Think of the bleary-eyed friends you might make, the emergency exit signs you could re-read, the toilet breaks you might take just to break up the monotony of doing absolutely nothing all night.


On the other hand you could just order online with us and save those 12 precious hours. And better yet, your new iPhone will be delivered straight to your door. Which begs the question – how best to spend that extra half day?

Fly to Cairo.

Ordering your new iPhone online at Changi airport, you could hop on a plane, watch five Adam Sandler movies, and then be taking selfies at the pyramids whilst everyone else is still sitting in line. If that’s a bit far to come back in time to answer the door to the delivery guy, you could take a train to Kuala Lumpur (or drive to Penang and back) instead.


Binge-watch Game Of Thrones.

In fact, you could binge-watch an entire season (and maybe more) of Game Of Thrones – which is pretty much the only way to enjoy it now, since everyone always spoils the death scenes as soon as they happen.


Listen to Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling" 202 times.

Maybe that's a bit much. But you just can't stop that feeling. (And it’s bound to be better than listening to whatever's piped through the speakers of the mall whilst you're trying to sleep in the queue.)


Learn to kitesurf.

Apparently you can learn a lot in 12 hours: how to ride a motorbike, how to order six different meatloaves in German, and the strange, subtle art of kitesurfing (which is by far the most useful of the three).


Cook 72 boiled eggs for complete strangers.

A really nice thing to do might be to order your new iPhone online and spend the night cooking a load of eggs so you can take them down to the queues in the morning and hand out free breakfasts. The expressions on everyone's jealous/grateful face will definitely be worth testing your new telephoto lens with.


Run a full marathon.

Let's face it, you're probably going to spend a long time on the sofa when you get your new phone so you might as well get some exercise in now. You could probably plan a night-route past all the big queues if you were feeling smug. Or cruise past in a TRON-themed Segway to the next Pokestop they can't reach.



If you asked the people in this year's iPhone queue what they'd rather be doing, they probably wouldn't say flying, walking, reading, cooking or kitesurfing – they'd just want to be snuggling in bed, safe in the knowledge that their new phone was on its way to their front door.

So why not give those queues a miss, stay in your pyjamas and order the phone online? You can get the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with a mobile plan at our Online Store from 20 September. You can recontract online too. And yes, delivery’s free! But if queuing really is your thing, just head on down to our StarHub shops from 17 September to get your hands on the phone everyone's been waiting for.

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