Leave those dusty old board games at the back of the cupboard; all you need to liven up a rainy afternoon with the in-laws is a smartphone or tablet and a few great group apps. The best apps keep the score for you, you'll never lose any pieces and you can probably check Facebook whilst you're playing without anyone noticing…

Heads Up!

Created by US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up! makes the traditional word guessing game fun, fast and filmable with a few simple gimmicks. Hold your phone up to your forehead and try to guess the object, name or place that appears on it from your friend's clues. Your front-facing camera will record their reactions when you struggle to get it right, and you can share the video to social media with one click. Genius.

Party Doodles (iOS).

Pictionary is basically a better version of Charades, and Party Doodles is a better version of Pictionary - making this app the best, most fun way of causing family arguments. Set your teams and tap the screen to find out what you have to doodle - then use your finger on the virtual chalkboard to try and draw it within the time limit. Better still, the app connects seamlessly to Apple TV so your masterpiece can take shape on the living room flat screen.

Evil Apples.

If you've ever played Cards Against Humanity you'll know just how much fun it can be in a small group - and you'll also know /never/ to play it with your grandma. Evil Apples is the unofficial digital version and it's just as funny (and every bit as offensive). Link up with everyone in the room using GPS and fill in the blanks on the question card with the most appalling, distasteful, hilarious answers from your drawn deck.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule.

A decent karaoke machine will set you back a fair bit but you can get Sing! for free. What's more, Smule's app does a lot more than most, using your phone's camera and microphone to let you make and share your own music videos, duet with pop stars and add your own auto-tune effects. Better still, new songs are added every day - so you'll never be stuck for fresh ways to embarrass yourself in front of your friends.

Bluff Wars!

Bluff Wars was originally invented by new US President Donald Trump back in the late '90s. That's a blatant lie, of course, but you might have believed us if we were better at bluffing. Hook up with your group (in the same room, or anywhere around the world) and take turns lying about one of the game's 2,000 plus definitions - trying to convince everyone else that you're telling the truth. A great way of working out who you can /really/ trust.

King Of Opera.

If question and answer games aren't really your thing, check out King Of Opera - the app that gets everyone in the room frantically tapping the same tablet and screaming at each other. The concept is bizarre (something to do with fat opera singers trying to stay in a moving spotlight), but the game works like a treat - playing like a cross between Hungry Hippos and air hockey as up to four players go head to head over quick-fire, thumb-numbing, rounds of musical wrestling. 

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