Singapore is about to get noisy. If it’s not the Formula One cars cutting up the Marina Bay circuit in the world’s only night race, it’s the live music festival, street-food takeovers and wall-to-wall after-parties making the whole city shake between 16-18 September. If you’re planning on catching any of the action, here are our top tech tips to enjoy the best of the fest with nothing but a smartphone:


Go with an awesome camera phone!

If it wasn’t tough enough trying to photograph a car moving at 300km/h, try doing it in the dark! Singapore's F1 circuit is a challenge for any amateur photographer and the only way to avoid the dreaded artistic blur is to go armed with the best camera phone you can get your hands on. If you've been looking to upgrade, now's the perfect moment to do so. Apple's new iPhone 7 Plus packs two 12-megapixel cameras in one, including a swift f/1.8 28mm lens for sharp night-time shots. That said, the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are the current low-light champs. But time, and the endless Instagram comparisons, will tell if Apple’s latest has them beat.


A solid pair of headphones

If you want to stand right next to the track, you'll probably want to pick up a free pair of safety headphones so your eardrums don't implode – but if you aren't lucky enough to get that close to the action, you can make do with a decent set of noise-cancelling cups and still enjoy the benefits of staying plugged into your phone to listen to apps, notifications and even your own personal F1 soundtrack.


The Official Singapore GP app

There's an awful lot going on across the city over Grand Prix weekend and the best way to find out what's happening where is to download the official Singapore GP app (available on iOS and Android). Other apps you'll want to keep on your homescreen include the official F1 app (good for live results and rankings), the GP News & Weather app (for knowing if you need to take an umbrella) and the Imagine Dragons game, Stage Rush (in case you get bored waiting for them to come on stage!).



So you've got your headphones and a great view of the track. Trouble is, you have no idea what you're looking at. Make sure you load up your phone with a decent radio app (SG Radio, MeRadio and BBC Sport are all good bets) so you can tune in to live commentary and impress all your friends with quips like, "Yeah, DRS is always a problem when they brake into turn 7..."


Google Maps

It seems an obvious one, but when half the roads are closed and the other half are full of drunken fans you can still get lost, even in your own city. Make sure you've got enough data to keep Maps open on your phone to find the best shortcuts – and don't forget to make use of apps like Apple's Find My Friends so you can still stay in touch with your group when they go off to see Kylie or Bastille without you.


A portable charger

When it gets to 3am and you think you spot the back of Lewis Hamilton in a nightclub, everything is suddenly going to depend on how much battery life you have left on your phone. Having a portable charger on you could be the difference between the selfie of a lifetime and the most boring anecdote you've ever told. And don't forget Singapore Power's free charging hotspots dotted throughout the city either (although Lewis will probably be gone by the time you nip out and get back).


Party With A Local app

When the racing stops, the real action starts in clubs, bars and pop-ups around the city. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is at The Podium Lounge, the supermodels are at the Amber Lounge, sultry burlesque performer Sukki Singapora is at Boudoir Noir and everyone who’s anyone will be at Zouk's Clarke Quay Bloc Party. But if you'd rather not spend your night chasing celebs, check out the Party With A Local app – it lets you find the best open-entry parties happening near you.


Extra data at your fingertips

Need more data for your F1 fiesta? If you're already on StarHub Mobile, you can easily add on a whopping 3GB at only $6/month. Simply log in here with your Hub iD, select your mobile line, then find and add our Plus 3 value-added service and you're good to go! Have a blast at F1!

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