Gallons upon gallons of digital ink have been spilled by finger-twitching tech writers covering every wonderful spec and square millimetre of the new Samsung Galaxy Note8. But all too often, reviewers and marketers can fall into the *ooo-latest-shiny-gadget* trap and end up only gushing about what the phone is, not what it should mean for you. So in this review, we decided to take all that techy-talk and marketing lingo back into the real world of regular, non-nerdy phone joes/janes like us.  Basically, if you’ve been scratching your head over the spec sheet, this one’s for you. Read on!

You’ll work better than ever before with the Samsung Note8

Whatever you may think of ‘multitasking’ in daily life, the term holds a greater importance when it comes to our mobiles, where it refers to a smartphone’s ability to help users with their many day-to-day tasks by running multiple apps without slowing down (e.g. Skyping someone while editing your schedule; watching a video and taking collaborative notes at the same time, etc).  With Note8’s Bixby and App Pairing features, Samsung shows that it has clearly given thought to this problem - and taken large steps towards the solution.

Both features are all about making life easier for you. App Pairing lets you refer to your spreadsheet while emailing your client, watch unboxing videos while skimming that #TLDR article on the same product, have your online shopping basket in view while crunching numbers on the phone calculator and more - all without the incessant shifting between apps. Bixby works in the same vein of automating mundane tasks: Tech Radar and PC World note how Samsung’s voice assistant can be customised in many ways to help your daily routine, be it setting reminders, calling a taxi, playing your favourite mixtape and more.


Samsung wouldn’t have packed this many features geared towards productivity if it wasn’t confident in Note8’s hardware. Backed by a super-fast Snapdragon 835 processor, that whopping 6GB RAM, and the new battery’s improved durability (it maintains consistent performance over a longer period of time and will last a full day’s activity before needing a charge), the Samsung Note8 is primed to be your workhorse right out of its box.

You’ll take better photos than ever before with the Samsung Note8

Now this, is what we call a camera phone.


From amateur to expert, everything about the Note8’s dual cameras is meant to help you with one thing: help you find the next level in your photography. There are plentiful reviews out there like CNET’s gushing article about “the Galaxy Note 8's awesome dual camera” or DxOMark’s meticulous scoring system, but the real win here for Note8 is in the little details that help users feel more at home with their camera.

Whether it’s the small guidance-prompts on Live Focus (the camera mode that lets you adjust the bokeh before taking the shot), the easy use of the Dual-Capture mode (taking the same shot with both optically stabilised wide-angle and telephoto lens), or the smooth switching between different lens when zooming in, it all points to the carefully-thought-out user experience from Samsung. And with the Note8’s large storage options (64GB internal storage and an external Micro SD port), you won’t need to be stingy on the number of photos you can take.

You’ll capture inspiration better than ever before with the Samsung Note8

The S Pen has become a cult figure with diehard Note fans, who like the idea of going finger-free and using a stylus. Along with the massive screen space on the Note8’s 6.3-inch Infinity Display, Samsung has also taken the additional step of having a WACOM digitiser tucked under the Gorilla Glass 5 screen. All this puts the phablet on the same level of technology in larger professional graphics tablets. But far from the eclectic hat tip that commentators first thought it might be, there’s actually something in here for everyone to benefit from.

Intuitive handwriting is one of them. Even when the Samsung Note8 is locked, the S Pen can be undocked to scribble on the screen for future reference. This is where the abovementioned WACOM digitiser shines: its ability to detect pressure nuances of up to 4,096 sensitivity levels ensures that writing by hand on your phone won’t be a jarring experience (if you’ve tried to sign a document on your phone with your finger, you’ll surely identify). But note-taking isn’t the only function boosted by the S Pen: from making edits to your article, tweaking photos for social media, or clipping screencaps, the S Pen is optimised for every modern user who consumes and creates content.

You’ll be able to afford the Samsung Note8 more than ever before with StarHub.

The Note8 is a truly excellent piece of technology, one we think will have genuine value for everyone. The people at Samsung have certainly not held anything back in their vision for the phablet, and so will we! You can begin using the Note8 now at $0 upfront when you sign up for a 2-year mobile plan on our 24-month instalment plan. Get yours online or at any StarHub Shop to enjoy everything that we've covered in this feature!

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