After a challenging year with the Note7, Samsung may have climbed back up the top of the Android hill with its latest in the Note series. Mostly because it’s an immense upgrade on the Note7, amplifying all its best-loved features (gorgeous Infinity Display, refined S Pen) while throwing in some new, soon-to-be essential ones (dual-rear cameras).

In short, reviews have been nothing short of stellar. Now if you’re sold on Samsung’s comeback salvo, we can really sweeten the deal for you. Here are 5 solid reasons why you should get the Samsung Galaxy Note8 with us!

$0 upfront + monthly instalment plan.

Don’t wish to fork out a huge sum upfront for your Samsung Galaxy Note8? No worries. Simply opt for our new monthly instalment plan! Take your phone home at $0 upfront and pay for it over the course of 24 months. It’s interest-free and gentler on your wallet! And unlike most instalment arrangements, you won’t need a credit card. You can choose to charge the monthly payments directly to your StarHub postpaid bill!

It’s easy to enjoy the flexibility of monthly instalments. You just need to sign up for your Samsung Galaxy Note8 with any of our 2-year XS, S, M, L or XL mobile plans…

FREE unlimited data every weekend.

And well, we’ve given our mobile plans a massive upgrade. With each plan, you can enjoy FREE unlimited data on every Saturday & Sunday throughout your contract! That’s on top of your basic monthly data, and at no extra cost. No more scavenging for Wi-Fi. No more “saving” data. Share your creative S Pen doodles on endless Insta-stories or binge watch with no limits on your Samsung Galaxy Note8 for all your weekends!

More say on your data.

If you ever need more data for sharing live messages or binging on shows on the Samsung Galaxy Note8’s infinity display screen, affordable options are at hand. Add on 3GB every month at just $6 with Plus 3, or up to 20GB at only $10 with DataJump. You can even share data with your family and save!

Need overseas data on your travels? No problem.

Heading for a holiday with your Samsung Galaxy Note8? A spanking new mobile phone should always be put to the test on the ‘gram, and for sharing twin 12-megapixel pictures of #wanderlust to keep your friends jealous! Being on StarHub Mobile lets you easily get affordable data overseas, across multiple destinations and without ever having to switch SIM cards. You get the data you want with a simple SMS. It’s no frills, no hassle.

Get your Samsung Galaxy Note8 online. Skip the queues.

Ready to embrace the Samsung Galaxy Note8 with StarHub? Why not shop online! You can skip the queues and have the phone delivered to your doorstep for free. Plus, payment’s a breeze. You can go with the usual one-time payment via credit card, or enjoy $0 upfront on our 24-month instalment plan.

You can grab the Samsung Galaxy Note8 now at only $11/month* over 24 monthly instalments. Just sign up for it on a 2-year M mobile plan at any StarHub Shop or get it online!

You can also enjoy monthly instalment payments for the Samsung S8 & S8+!

*Price does not include mobile plan’s monthly subscription charges and is rounded up to the nearest dollar. Monthly instalment payment is only applicable if you sign up with a 2-year XS, S, M, L or XL mobile plan.