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Minimal renovation required.

Higher maintenance fees.

Can be rented out to foreigners/expats almost immediately. Minimum rental period of 3 months (compared to HDB flats which require 6 months).

Most private properties tend to be located further away from MRT stations and bus stops, requiring one to drive or arrange for personal transport.

Comes fully equipped with modern facilities and equipment (gym, pool, 24/7 security).


As the name implies, private properties are that - private - and not subject to the usual HDB restrictions. Yup, that means they can be rented out to expats without fear of repercussions.

Additionally, there is also no Minimum Occupancy Period (5 years) – owners can buy one and start renting it out straight away. 

When it comes to private housing in Singapore, you have a few options to choose from. Here are just some to consider:


Service apartments

If a private housing is built on a smaller plot of land, less than 4000 sqm, it’s called an apartment. Service apartments are mostly glorified hotel rooms equipped with all the amenities you would want. Companies who coordinate your accommodation during your stay in Singapore will usually arrange for you to stay in one since there are corporate rates when renting in bulk.

On top of being fully-furnished, a serviced apartment will most likely include daily housekeeping, pool and gym facilities and transport services to shuttle you between key Downtown areas.


Private condominiums



Affordable housing for varying levels of income.

Minimum rental period of six months (can be a perk if you’re looking to stay for the short term.) 

Variety of options ranging from practical 2-room flats to spacious executive flats to fully equipped execute condominiums 


Within easy reach of public amenities (schools, MRT stations, markets)


On the opposite spectrum of private houses are HDB flats, which are significantly more affordable than private housing but come with more restrictions.

The most common type of housing in Singapore, Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are government-built apartments located 

However, despite being substantially cheaper than private housing, these properties come with many restrictions. Want to snag one for yourself? Not so fast - families who wish to apply for one must have a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident included.

It’s important to note that renting a HDB flat for less than 6 months is illegal. Those who flout the rules can expect to face hefty fines or even have the flats seized by the HDB, so be mindful and make sure to do your homework before signing on the dotted line.

The good news is now foreigners/expats are allowed to rent some of the units. 

Transportation, shops, public amenities are all within close range. Want an authentic heartland experience?  Get the real deal when you indulge in nearby hawker favourites and shop for local produce at bustling markets.

Staying connected

There is no right or wrong when it comes to making your choice. Prefer the convenience of having a pool and gym nearby? Try living in a condominium. For those who want to experience a different take on life in Singapore, we recommend the hustle and bustle of a HDB neighbourhood.

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