With your phone capable of handling everything from planning and lighting to dressing up and getting down, all you need to enjoy a big night in is already in your pocket. It’s time to party like it’s 2017…

Plan like a pro.

Whether you're just having a few drinks with your friends or you're planning on hosting the event of the season, everybody needs a bit of help getting organised. The Pro Party Planner app (iOS) does exactly what it says on the tin - putting the 'pro' in any party with a set of tools designed to stop you from panicking. Build shopping lists, set reminders, track budgets and send out text invites, all from the same app - and you can even ask it to create a seating plan if you're feeling fancy.

Food for feasting.

There are so many recipe apps around that it's easy to get lost in a sea of step-by-steps. But if you've got a party to prepare for, you're going to want the easiest instructions and the most impressive looking food - which should lead you to apps like Sidechef (easy to follow videos and audio guides), Yummly (perfect for dealing with a roomful of dietary restrictions) and Tender (driven by image search, it’s basically Tinder for foodies). And if all else fails, you've always got Deliveroo… 

Drink merrily.

So you've looked in the cupboard and you've only got 6 bottles of wine, some left-over vodka and a load of flat lemonade. Don't panic. Cocktail Flow lets you list whatever liquids you've got in the house and tells you what cocktails you can make with them (in this case, a really gross version of a ‘Tolstoy Tang’). If you've come a bit more prepared, try Formula Bartender Training to watch some expert videos on how to perfect your mixology skills - and don't forget to use the Blood Alcohol Calculator (also called BAC Calculator) if you're planning on doing anything the next morning.

Score the perfect party dress.

Picking the right outfit is always tricky - but the ASAP54 app makes things a lot easier. Use it to browse items on sale from over 600 online retailers or make use of the handy keyword browser to narrow the field. Alternatively, if you've seen a celeb wearing something you like - upload the picture from your phone to see where you can get something similar. Better yet, if you spot someone on the street modelling your perfect outfit, simply take a photo (after asking permission…) and ask ASAP54 to identify the brand.

Show off your music taste.

There are two kinds of people - those who love it when their friends hijack their stereo, and those who only throw parties so they can show everyone how good a DJ they really are. If you're the former, you'll just need Spotify (or better yet, a set of Bluetooth speakers so everyone can connect). If you're the latter, the app stores are full of great ways to help you list, mix, scratch and cross-fade - like the ever versatile Party Mixer.

Set the room alight.

Don't bother buying an expensive lighting rig - your phone can already illuminate a whole house. Apps like Party Light, Disco Light and Magic Lights use your built-in microphone and accelerometer to create custom light shows in time with whatever's going on in the room. Strobes, flashes and pulses are all available (as well as the odd ‘fireplace glow’ effect, if you're having a different sort of party) - but remember to plug your phone in to avoid draining the battery. 

A game for anything.

Games are great at the start of the party (when everyone's really uncomfortable with each other) and at the end (when everyone's too comfortable with each other), and your phone can definitely do a lot more than just Angry Birds. Heads Up, Evil Apples, Sing! Karaoke and Spin The Bottle are all worth checking out, depending on your crowd, as are a few decent face-swap photo booth apps to keep everyone laughing.

Getting home safely.

If it's your party, you'll probably be staying where you are, but you might not have room on your sofa for everyone else. Make sure you've got MyTransport.SG and Citymapper on your home screen to help everyone make their connections - as well as Uber for anyone who can't deal with buses and trains.

Or not bothering.

If all of that sounds too much like hard work, you can always crash someone else's event with Party With A Local, an app connecting you to nearby locals who don't mind adding a few fun strangers into their mix. And if you do, don't bother bringing a bottle of wine - all anyone really needs to have a good party is a phone!

Get ready for smashing parties with the latest iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus to let you run these party apps without a hitch! Or need more data? Simply add 3GB more monthly data to your plan only $6 a month! It’s that easy.

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