It’s an occasion that happens once every year, and if you participate in the festivities, you are more than likely to be caught up with the flurry of activities starting from the eve (which is happening on the 4th of February, in case you needed a reminder). One such activity is to host your friends, (extended) families, and colleagues at your place, because formalities. Also, it’s a great opportunity to show off your beautiful home!

But what happens when your conversations run dry, and there is that awful, awkward silence that’s only punctuated by slurps from the wine glass? Here are some ideas for you to keep the night going strong, and let your guests leave thinking they had a great time!

1. Whip out the board games.

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There’s no more engaging way to keep your guests entertained than some classic (and indie) board games. Even Monopoly could keep everyone on their edge of their seats!

But if you don’t want to lose your friends in a fight over Monopoly Dollars, you may want to try a less competitive game like Codenames, or the Singaporean version of Cards Against Humanity, Limpeh Says.

We also felt the compelling need to plug our homegrown pride SGAG, because their game The Singaporean Dream makes for amazing play and lets you take on typical Singaporean personalities like Ah Beng or Social Media Influencer - definitely makes for a night filled with laughter!

2. Switch things up!

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We’re talking about the Nintendo Switch, to be clear - and there are plenty of family-friendly cooperative games available on the platform like Snipperclips, Arms, and the ever-popular Overcooked.

The Nintendo Switch also supports multiple players, so as long as you have enough controllers, it will support more than 4 people in one game! It’s basically like board games, but digital!

Plus, your family (or friends) will get to see how well they communicate with each other, which ends up in hilarious results! The best part, all you need is a TV with an HDMI port!

3. Free preview channels all-day

Too much use of brain power? Why not let your mind relax with some TV, and treat yourself to free preview channels from 4 Feb/12pm to 11 Feb/12pm?

With over 148 channels including Celestial Movies (Ch 868), FOX Movies (Ch 622), and RED by HBO HD (Ch 608), your guests will cry for the remote, but because they are fighting for what they want to watch. (Pro-tip: Hide the remote!)

By the way, StarHub is also the first in Singapore to bring RED by HBO HD for your viewing pleasure. The channel screens internationally acclaimed, award-winning and popular movies and series from the region, featuring local stories from S.E.A, Japan, Korea and Greater China as well as HBO originals - it’s a slew of great entertainment with top-notch quality for the whole party!

Get FREE 6 months HomeHub Plus + FREE 6 months HBO Pak for a limited time only!

So you decided to go with the FREE preview channels? Then you’d be happy to know that if you sign up for a HomeHub Plus subscription this CNY 2019, you’ll get 6 months FREE, and FREE 6 months of HBO Pak!

To help make your time together with friends and family even more meaningful and fruitful, we reduced the prices for HBO Pak ($13.98 $19.26) and the Supreme Box Office Pack ($25 $28.90).

Here’s to a prosperous CNY 2019 and happiness to your friends and family!

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