In this digital age, an internet connection is a necessity for every home. Especially now that we need to connect with our loved ones, get through our work-from-home workload, attend online classes, and enjoy a little time to watch our favourite shows and movies. That’s why it pays to have a clear idea of the internet package you’ll need. So, what should you consider before signing up for a new StarHub broadband plan? Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

What type of broadband user are you? 

To find the right broadband plan for you, first, think about what you’ll use your broadband for and how much you’ll use it. 

  • Light User: Do you mainly spend time reading news, sending emails, watching online videos occasionally, and spending time on Facebook or Twitter? 
  • Moderate User: Do you enjoy listening to online music and using video calls, as well as doing the things that a light user does? Then chances are, you are a Moderate user. 
  • Heavy User: Do you download HD movies, play online games or stream TV shows and movies via streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+? If yes, then you're a heavy user. Families are also almost certain to be heavy users, especially those with kids who often use smartphones and tablets. 

What is the ideal broadband speed you need? 

Broadband speeds are measured in megabits per second, which is often shortened to Mbps. Most people assume that the higher the internet speed, the better off you are with your online activities. In fact, not everyone needs lightning-fast internet. 


Required Usage  

General Browsing and Email


Social Media


Video conferencing 


Online gaming


File Downloading


Streaming videos


Online learning 


Working from home 



So, how do you know what is the right speed for you? Add up the online activities you do at the same time. With more activities simultaneously happening, your broadband plan will need to be faster.

How many devices are you going to connect?

The number of people in your household will help determine the type of broadband plan you need to get. This is because the number of connected devices will impact your broadband usage and peak during peak hours. So, if you live alone, you may opt to get a connection that accommodates one to two devices. Meanwhile, a family household will need to consider a plan that covers five or more devices. 

How much is your budget for your monthly internet? 

The price of your broadband plan is an important factor when you pick a plan. It is better to choose a plan which you can afford. Generally, a faster internet speed will cost you more. However, picking the cheapest plan might seem to be a good idea but later on, you might suffer because of insufficient speed. 

That said, StarHub offers affordable plans from 500mbps broadband at just $29.99 per month, 1Gbps broadband at $45.90 per month and 2Gbps broadband at $62.90 per month. 

There you go! Your internet connection is the key to a reliable online experience whether you’re browsing, streaming, or working. With StarHub Fibre Broadband you’ll get that! 

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