Something bigger and better is coming

Today, having a strong digital presence is essential for businesses to connect with customers, create value and enrich customers' lives. StarHub recently announced Dare+, a five-year transformation strategy that will take StarHub from a telco to a company that connects digital lives for customers. As a part of our digital transformation journey, we believe our community and advocacy should be integrated with the rest of StarHub's ecosystem, as our DARE+ strategy moves StarHub from quad play to "Infinity Play", offering an infinite continuum of connectivity, over-the-top (OTT) streaming entertainment, cloud gaming and digital solutions.

As such, we will be creating something bigger and better, and most of all, to offer a seamless experience for you to continue to be a part of our community. Therefore, we have paused discussions and customer support on GreenR community. You can still find relevant resources via the search bar on this page or use the relevant customer support channels for assistance.


Our heartfelt thanks to all our digital community members who have left an impact, especially those who have spent time sharing tips and knowledge with fellow community members. Most importantly, we are ever grateful to our superusers who have stuck by us for the last 12 years. We would not have done it without your guidance to the community; sharing your knowledge with everyone and providing your honest feedback to us so we can do better.

Finally, this is not goodbye, stay tuned for our exciting announcement where you can continue to contribute, and we look forward to your continuous support for StarHub.

Thank you,
GreenR Community