Family gathering on christmas and new year

With Christmas and New Years’ just over the horizon, it’s safe to say that the festive season is already kicking into full gear. But amidst the excitement afforded by waves of attractive promotions, presents and deals, it’s important we remember that the holidays are about more than just holidays.

After all, December is a season of giving, and it includes more than just material things, though we’re sure nobody will turn down a well-thought-out gift. More importantly, we can (and should!) also give our time and attention to the people that matter. From reconnecting with our loved ones, buying presents for friends or helping the less fortunate, there are a lot of ways we can go about doing making this festive season even more so, and here are the (literal) ABCs of it.

Happy couple enjoying during xmas
1. Showing "Appreciation"


Frankly, it doesn’t matter if we’re 20 or 50.

It costs us nothing to be thankful for what we have, and a spirit of gratefulness is part of what makes the festive season such a wholesome time of year, to begin with. Taking time to count our blessings might seem rather insignificant, but when the stress and excitement of daily life has us constantly on our toes, it’s probably something we don’t do as often as we should.

Of course, being appreciative is something we can do anytime even outside of the festive season, and there’s no better way to start than by grabbing gifts for the two people closest to us: mum and dad.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to our folks. So, if you’ve heard them nagging about how their TV has been showing signs of wear and tear, sending a timely HubBundle 2G (4G) subscription their way might just be the perfect present. Not only can they snag a free Xiaomi A2 58” TV (worth S$999) to replace their old set, but it even comes with a free Netflix subscription.

festive season kindness
2. Practice "Benevolence"


A big word indeed, but quite simply, it refers to the idea of goodness and kindness. Whether you’re getting presents for a relative or simply extending a kind word to a stranger on the street, making someone’s day just that little bit brighter will certainly warm “the cockles of our hearts”, as a certain individual has phrased it.

Naturally, we wouldn’t expect anyone to start calling up random people to wish them well, but at the very least, checking in on those closest to us should be at the top of our to-do lists. The easiest ways to do that are to call them or send them a text, but you won’t get very far without a competent smartphone.

In fact, why not take the opportunity to reward yourself as well? If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, we’ve got a great selection lined up for you to choose from. Currently, our list includes the all-new iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB, which is priced at just S$339 with a Mobile+ S$169 2-year plan. It’s a pretty solid choice as far as features are concerned, and yes – there is a lot more where that came from.

nurture connections during festive season
3. Nurture "Connections"


At the end of the day, festivities are all about celebrating good times with other people, and the holidays give us ample opportunity to reconnect or spend quality time with our loved ones.

Even if you aren’t planning something major, like travelling abroad for a vacation, there’s lots of things you can do with the “fam” at home. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, and as cheesy as it might sound, putting in the effort to bond with our family is its own reward.

For those with school-going kids, which we’re sure are enjoying the year-end holidays immensely, this might entail doing things they like (that you might otherwise frown on), like enjoying a round of video games with them. Sure, it might seem odd that Daddy or Mummy would suddenly be interested in gaming of all things, but chances are they’ll take you up on the challenge anyway.

game up this new year and christmas

To add on, there are loads of fantastic titles on the market nowadays which feature cooperative gameplay. If you need recommendations, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a particular favourite of ours for those with a Nintendo Switch, as it’s equal parts entertaining, skill-intensive and family-friendly.

Of course, you’ll first need a Switch console to even consider playing it, but don’t worry – we’ve got that handled with our 2Gbps Broadband Plan. Every subscription comes with a free Nintendo Switch, and you can even hook it up to your TV for some truly exciting big-screen sessions.