Mother’s Day is upon us! Of course, we should appreciate Mum all year round, but Mother’s Day is a great time to pull out all the stops and express your love in a big way. So why not make it extra special this time? We’ve brainstormed 6 charming ideas that can help you give Mum a beautiful day to remember, and maybe even tickle some tear ducts.

1. Royal pampering

What’s one sure-fire way to remind Mum of the Queen she is? A luxurious, majestic and truly indulgent spa package! From heavenly full-body massages and aromatherapy facials to soft, sensuous scrubs, you can find plenty of spa deals for Mother’s Day. And if you’re keen, there are mother-daughter (or son) spa retreats for some exquisite bonding time. As those nimble hands work their magic, they’ll also melt away Mum’s constant worries for the family. Check out Capella’s Auriga Spa, Marina Mandarin’s Estheva Spa or Ikeda Spa.

2. Umami for mummy

Food experiences rarely get more intense than the Japanese omakase. Treat her taste buds to a decadent multi-course meal. It’s perfect for discerning foodie mothers who can instantly judge the freshness of a fish from 400 metres away while blindfolded and holding a durian. She’ll appreciate the quality ingredients, delicate infusions, creative pairings and presentations.

Be it melt-in-your mouth fatty tuna or gleaming codfish roe resting on a bed of seared uni, there’s bound to be plenty of oohs and ahs as both of you anticipate every next dish. If you’re down to unleash the umami for mummy, check out the much-hyped Sushi Jiro, the more casual Bincho, and the very affordable Teppei omakase at Tras Link.

3. Revive her kampung memories

For a truly unforgettable day, why not take Mum back in time to the rustic One Kind House? This innovative, self-styled 21st century kampung in Katong is an urban farm/cooking school that also houses a multi-generational family. Run by the well-loved matriarch Mummy Soh, you’ll be taught how to grow and forage your own crops. Then, you’ll cook a three-course meal together using the Soh family recipes and those very herbs and vegetables freshly plucked from their backyard.

This popular Airbnb experience has seen attendees rave about everything from Mummy Soh’s deep knowledge and delightful hospitality to the rare, sumptuous Peranakan dishes borne of forgotten recipes. Think red okra, wild-caught seafood, kedondong pesto, blue pea flower rice, bitter gourd salad and curries that are to die for. Plus, it’s a communal and nostalgic setting reminiscent of the kampung, where you’ll share food and stories with strangers who’ll likely turn into friends before the night ends.

4. Cooked with love

While we’re still on food, how about making breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day! You don’t have to be a Michelin-starred chef to pull this off. Nothing beats a breakfast or brunch made with sincerity and love (and maybe some clumsiness). From simple pancakes or a “love toast” to the full breakfast works, you can find plenty of recipes online and follow step-by-step videos.

Hopefully you remember Mum’s favourites – don’t forget how she likes her eggs and coffee (or tea)! Do be sure to spruce up the presentation. Cheesy ketchup heart shapes? Why not. Mum will already be impressed by you waking up early, let alone braving the kitchen. (And oh yes, you better be in charge of washing up.)

5. Staying close

We’re sure what Mums want most, is more time with their children. With the busy schedules of today, that’s a tough ask. But hey, now all you need is a digital device with video-calling just a tap away. So how about a modern Mother’s Day gift this year - the latest smartphone!

We bet she’ll love watching her favourite shows on a gorgeous HD screen, shopping online, capturing countless pics and videos of her grandchildren (or pets) anytime, anywhere. And to easily stay connected to you of course!

If Mum’s not that savvy, why not give her a tutorial on how to get the most out of her phone? Help her download some useful health and lifestyle apps. Start an Instagram account for her. Guide her through the cosmetic wonders of Meitu XiuXiu. She’ll appreciate this whole new world, but not as much as you spending the time to coach her.

And we’ve got the perfect devices for you to keep Mum hip and trendy, while staying connected with you all the time. Scroll to the end of the article to see what is in store for Mum!

6. Handmade gifts

Now, to our final Mother’s Day idea! The best and most sincere gift is always handmade. Go beyond bouquets. Pair it with a handwritten letter listing all the things you love about Mum. Let her know how much you appreciate all those little gestures and acts of love over the years. Spare no details.

Better yet, make a scrapbook! Dig out all the old family pictures. Unearth real sepia treasures of her paktor days with dad. Or earlier memories of you in diapers where the biggest headaches you caused were more bowel than existential. Expect aww moments and a heart-warming experience as everyone gathers round to marvel at how much the family’s grown. Don’t have time? You can always do the modern scrapbook - a photo slideshow! Soundtrack it to her favourite song and bask in the warmth. As long as it’s from the heart, it’s perfect. Just be sure to prep a box of tissues.

We hope you’re all set to conquer Mother’s Day 2018! Whether it’s a spa treatment or a home-cooked feast - we hope you have a lovely celebration with everyone’s favourite superhero. In fact, why not take it one step up, by fulfilling one of these wishes on her special day - like promising not to blue-tick her?

And if you’re looking for a smartphone as a gift this Mother’s Day, why not check out the sleek Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a 12-month SIM Only plan! You can buy it at $0 upfront with very manageable monthly instalments. Consider it our Mother’s Day special for you.

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