First things first – what is up with the sweltering heat in Singapore? Temperatures have reached grossly ridiculous levels (“feels like 40 degrees” no longer surprises us), and pavements feel hot enough to cook you an entire omurice dish.

So what should you do when your family deserves a break from the restlessness of the week, yet you don’t want to be subjected to the harsh UV rays from the sun outdoors? We share some tips to show you how a weekend in may be the next best thing for your family’s entertainment.

1. Get your game on with the family.

Image credit: Blacknut

Whip out those controllers on your game consoles and get ready for a blast! With family-friendly games like Snipperclips on the Nintendo Switch or Overcooked 2 on the PS4, you’re bound for endless fun that may very well stretch past the weekend for the whole gang!

And for those who aren't fans of co-operative games, gather the family around to spectate a round or two on the latest games on your PC which includes Fortnite – a battle-royale styled multiplayer online game that encourages creativity and teamwork to defend objectives.

2. Bring out the inflatable pool and up your wefie game!

Image credit: Driscoll’s

Cut down on the food deliveries and teach yourselves how to cook simple meals with the vast catalogue of recipes available online.

Put aside those heavy, hardcover cookbooks and start streaming new recipes on YouTube with channels such as Spice N’ Pans for a taste of local cuisine. For more fusion-based recipes, we highly recommend How to Cook That.

With so many cooking tutorials available online, you’ll be the top chef in the family in no time!

4. Online window shopping.

Image credit: Telenor

What’s more exciting for the shopping fanatics of the family than Orchard Road? Well, virtual “Orchard Road” of course!

What used to be throngs of people are now trickling down to fewer numbers than before, it is not hard to figure out where they all are – busy at their desktops online shopping! And why would we blame them? The internet is full of deals and discounts, and there is literally the whole world to shop from – definitely beats restricting yourself to the ol’ brick-and-mortar stores on Singapore’s favourite fashion strip.

So whip out your mobile phones and tablets and get your Christmas shopping done (way) early!

5. Embark on a movie marathon

Image credit: Mom bloggers club

Remember when we used to rely on Laser Discs and VCRs for a good dose of family entertainment? Well, with the internet and with StarHub Go, you could really call everyone together at the living room and sit back for a good, classic family movie (read: Home Alone 1/2/3).

Nothing beats streaming re-runs of Macaulay Culkin trying to lead the baddies into his ingeniously engineered house-traps for a good dose of laughter and pure enjoyment for the whole family.

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