The mobile phone has become an extension of us - how many scenarios can we think of ourselves being engaged without our mobile phones? The mobile phone no longer just functions as a device, it performs tasks on behalf of us.

Here are some ways the mobile phone has rooted itself in our lives, and you have never noticed unless you lose your phone or its functions. Would you swap your mobile phone for something else? We think not.

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Communication takes on a whole new context.

When you have the chance, take a look around you as you sit on the MRT or buses. Almost everyone would be preoccupied with their mobile phones, tapping furiously at their screens while laughing to themselves, all the while plugged into their earphones and tapping their feet to the latest hits.

It makes you wonder: before the mobile phone, what did people do to pass time? Do they simply stare into blank space?

Today, we are able to redefine communication - text messages become the new mode of communication, from a rapid “okay” to longform essays that express our heartfelt emotions to the other party. Group conversations don’t happen in orientation camps alone anymore, they now have administrators who can add members freely as they wish, complete with a wide range of emojis that help to express our feelings better.

If your mobile phone loses its ability to text, you will definitely feel impaired as you run to the nearest payphone (do they still have those?) to make urgent calls telling your family you’ll be coming home for dinner. Swap your mobile phone and risk a sumptuous home-cooked meal? The choice is clear.

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Leave behind your DSLR.

Photography has never been the same since the advent of the smartphone. Our mobile phones today are empowered with cutting-edge technology that enables them to rival that of professional cameras from yesteryears.

On a short trip to Maldives and want to treasure every moment through pictures? Your high-resolution camera in your mobile phone can compensate for the lack of camera-space in your luggage and still produce wonderful compositions of scenery.

The mobile phone points to a new age of creators, photographers and keepsake collectors with its ability to replicate the functions of a decent camera.

In fact, it has become an essential item in your packing list for your travels and trips, long-haul or short-haul alike. Without it, you could stop to appreciate to nature as Mother Earth has created it - but what better way to enjoy the view than to share it with your loved ones?

It’s clear that mobile phones are essential to our everyday life. So what if they fail on us?

It is inevitable that your mobile phone runs into issues now and then, even if you take great care of it. Technical glitches that occur due to no fault of your own, accidental screen cracks, water damage or other performance issues are some run of the mill problems you may encounter.

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