The series is an adaption of the original Infernal Affairs film (2002), also known as Wu Jian Dao. The film, a huge hit when originally released over 15 years ago, starred Hong Kong A-listers Andy Lau and Tony Leung. It remains an icon of Asian cinema, and has spawned two sequels and multiple international adaptations, including Martin Scorsese’s The Departed (2006).

Infernal Affairs (TV Series) is the first television adaptation. It stands out as a remarkable addition to the Infernal Affairs universe, showcasing the best of Hong Kong police drama. Read on for the four reasons you need to catch up with the series:


1. There is no shortage of talent with its star-studded cast.

In a cinematic world where baddies playing nice and heroes acting corrupt strive to outwit each other, the cast of this Hong Kong police drama anchors the series with their convincing performances. The cast line-up features veteran and rising stars from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and is packed full of familiar faces. The main cast is headlined by television veteran Gallen Lo (Golden Faith), who plays a dangerous triad deputy leader, and TVB Anniversary Award nominee Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush; Triumph in the Skies II) as his trusted aide who leads a double life as a Narcotics Officer.

On top of the talented main cast, this TVB drama is peppered with surprise cameos from celebrities within the Hong Kong entertainment scene, such as (spoiler alert!) singer-songwriter Edmond Leung.


2. It shatters expectations for what can be achieved on the small screen.

While the original film’s big screen budget paid off in Golden Horse and Hong Kong Film Awards nominations for its visual effects, the medium of television is often associated with the opposite: cheap and poor quality effects. This is not the case of the Hong Kong police drama! The series is backed by a big budget, and the results can be seen on screen in terms of the action-packed chase scenes, fight scenes and special effects. Infernal Affairs (TV Series) features grand and exciting cinematography, big effects and great performances by reputable actors, proving that television series don’t have to appear “low-budget”.

Beyond its visual effects, the production is also ambitious in shooting off-site in exotic locations around the region. The series (primarily shot in Hong Kong) gives its action ample room to breathe through on-location shoots in Thailand and Shenzhen. The series never allows key sets to grow stale through overuse, opting instead for visually stunning sequences shot on-site.

3. It immerses viewers in the same thrilling universe of the film trilogy.

Andrew Lau, the blockbuster director of the Infernal Affairs film trilogy, is on board as a consultant and heavily involved in Infernal Affairs (TV Series). With the benefit of his input, Executive Producer Leung Ka Shu and Scriptwriter Au Koon Ying sought to replicate the film trilogy’s winning formula for the television series. The production team behind this top Hong Kong drama worked hard to ensure it stands alongside the film trilogy as a worthy sequel.

It is a shame that there are no current plans for further sequels on the big screen. Still, major characters from the film trilogy might have some tricks up their sleeves yet! You can expect the return of high-profile actors from the film trilogy, reprising their roles for the television series. In fact, the series might reveal brand new info about the events that occurred within the film trilogy.

4. You can expect three seasons of exhilaration.

Infernal Affair’s complex network of undercover cops and criminals feels like it was always destined for television. Infernal Affairs (TV Series) benefits from having many episodes and multiple seasons to flesh out the ensemble of characters and complex storylines.  The result is a series packed with the same types of fast-paced storylines from the films, packed full of plot twists, surprise betrayals, untimely deaths and action that packs a punch.

More good news: you will have three full seasons to look forward to! Fans of Hong Kong police dramas will be able to get their weekly fix from this TVB drama for an extended period of time.

Catch up with Infernal Affairs (TV Series) and the latest in TVB dramas on StarHub TV, or stream them on-the-go with StarHub Go!

You can catch up with the latest episodes of Infernal Affairs (TV Series) every Monday on Hub Drama First (Ch 860). Episodes air on the same day they are broadcast in Hong Kong.


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