Long gone are the days where a mobile phone was just a device for calls and texts. We have grown accustomed to using our beloved phones as lifestyle-superchargers that capture irreplaceable moments, and help us better navigate the world.

Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+, is packed full of new and creative features that empower users to get the most flair out of life. We have highlighted 4 features you absolutely must try on your Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+!


1. Get the perfect photo in any light.

Image credit: Samsung

The dual aperture camera on Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ ensures that beauty shines through even in the dimmest of conditions! Just as the human eye adjusts to the darkness after some time, the dual aperture camera on the Galaxy S9 | S9+ has the similar ability to adapt to different lighting conditions to capture in dim or bright locations.

With this handy feature at your disposal, you can be assured of sharp and dynamic shots each time the aspiring photographer in you awakens; be it day or night, indoors or outdoors!

2. Create share-worthy videos with Super Slow-mo.

Image credit: Samsung

Living up to its name, the super slow-mo on the Galaxy S9 | S9+ lets you take life at a slow pace, literally! The Galaxy S9 | S9+ can record video at 960 frames per second to produce detail packed and visually stunning slow-mo clips of hilarious of action-packed moments.


Pro-tip: Turn on your motion detection feature to capture the perfect moment where the action kicks off in slow-mo! Don’t forget to share your video masterpieces once complete. The slow-mo footage captured can be GIF-ed, looped (in forward, reverse or swing) or set to music; in other words, the perfect tidbit to share across all your social media platforms!

3. Live translate the (foreign) world around you.

Image credit: Samsung

One of the most useful features is the live translation technology. This feature is a pro at translating foreign words printed on real world objects. Using your phone’s camera to capture foreign words on street signs, restaurant menus or guide books, it will then detect the placement and language of the foreign words, translating them into your preferred language.

With your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ on hand, you can leave that language guide at home for your next vacation!

4. Customised emojis based on your real features.

Image credit: Samsung

The augmented reality (AR) features on the Galaxy S9 | S9+ turn your selfies into custom emojis. even allows for your emoji twin to copy your facial expressions and movements as you perform them to your smartphone camera! Animations of your emoji acting out different feelings can be saved. With the hundreds of fun creative possibilities this feature brings, rest assured that there is absolutely no shame in taking a few dozen selfies to create the perfect AR emoji.

As an added bonus, whoever receives your AR emoji need not be using an S9/S9+, as your expressions can be saved as GIFs, and easily sent to any platform that supports them.

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