StarHub Local Productions -
Let’s Go Gai Gai


With the influx of airlines in recent years, the number of Singaporeans travelling abroad has also increased
rapidly. With prices slashes and countless promotions, travel has been made more affordable, especially for
those travelling in groups. Wanderlust coupled with delectable cuisine and recreation is paradise on earth.

While many are able to afford this sort of lifestyle, the other side of Singapore is blinding in contrast - there is
a large group of underprivileged and elderly who are not as fortunate. Some of them are vulnerable as they
begin to weaken from ailments and lack of family involvement. Many of them have never owned a passport,
nor ever been able to entertain the thought of taking a flight somewhere.


What if we were to transfer this sort of privilege to someone else and help them fulfil their wish?


Catch Let’s Go Gai Gai from 26 Sept, Tuesday, 8pm, on Hub E City Ch 111/825.