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Saturday Night Lights


In some homes in Singapore, kids go to bed hungry because of poverty and neglect.
Some never see their parents who have to work two shifts in order to put food on the table.
Growing up without role models, they roam the streets in search of family and guidance
until a new sports scheme came into their lives and gave them a lifeline to rise above
the odds stacked against them.


For the first time in Singapore, football is used as a social development tool to
catch these youth-at-risk by drawing them to the pitch instead of roaming the streets.
Every Saturday since March 2013, more than 200 boys leave their troubles behind
and head to Jurong Stadium’s football field and just play.


Saturday Night Lights chronicles the trial and tribulations of these youths-at-risk, and gives
us a rare glimpse oflife in the poorer parts of Singapore as we follow the Jurong
team in their quest for the Singa Cup 2014.

This docu-reality will tell the story of the journey undertaken by the players in the team as
they battle obstacles, to earn a place in the final shortlist of 16 playerswho will make the squad
that is competing in the tournament. There are football scouts from Singapore and overseas that
have made the Singa Cup a key stop in their search for youth talent.


Competing in Singa Cup 2014 will not only validate them as individuals in terms of overcoming these
challenges but also give them the chance of a crack at the big time in the game they love.


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