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My Secret App


11-year-old Yang Le (Damien Teo) unexpectedly finds an alien smartphone that drops from the sky. The AI of the smartphone, App App, emerges to seek help from Yang Le – he needs to return home to a planet afar;
but Yang Le will be his owner during his time on Earth.

Armed with this out-of-the-world gadget, precocious Yang Le explores various futuristic applications with this technology. Hilarious misadventures follow as Yang Le, with App App’s assistance, tries to wriggle his way out of school-work. The duo further extends their help to Ying Xiong (Darren Lim) through career challenges,
Yun Fei (Fann Wong) in family problems, and Yang Yan (Hayley Woo) at relationship issues, thereby
helping the family to tide through difficult times.


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Fann Wong

Damien Teo

Darren Lim

Hayley Woo

Eelyn Kok

Lina Ong