Sustainability Report

Our Vision
for the Future

Sustainability at StarHub

At StarHub, we do not just connect people to products and services. We connect people to people, people to the things they love, and people with life. Our company culture and our technology have the power to enable sustainability for ourselves and for others.

At StarHub, we do not only create happiness by providing special moments in homes, we also inspire change by improving the lives of people in our communities and the operations of our businesses in Singapore.

For StarHub, sustainability means using our core strengths as a company to help spread the benefits of our ICT solutions far and wide in Singapore, while strengthening our business and upholding the highest standards of responsible business conduct.

Our intention to inspire and drive transparency is at the centre of our sustainable business strategy.

Inspiring Change and Driving Transparency

Delivering Our Sustainability Strategy

In 2017, StarHub reviewed its approach to sustainability, aligning to its business objectives and creating the foundation for supply chain integrity. As part of the review, we are also undertaking a target-setting exercise that is geared towards aligning action plans with overall business strategy and priorities, driven and owned across functions. Looking forward, StarHub shall communicate clear targets along with each objective and report the progress made to meet these targets.

Our approach to sustainability is centred around five main pillars, designed to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address some of the world’s biggest challenges: growing inequality, high youth unemployment, market disruption caused by technology and artificial intelligence, and pressure on our natural resources.

For StarHub, operating responsibly is an important first step in supporting the SDGs. Beyond that, we have identified eight SDGs where we believe we have an opportunity to make the biggest impact through our business practices, products and services, programmes, and partnerships.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability Objective 01


Preserving our planet is at the centre of our sustainability plan. At StarHub, we are conscious of the need to understand and minimise our environmental impact as we continue to enhance our competitiveness and expand our business and network infrastructure. We are as keen on reducing our environmental footprint as we are on helping businesses and communities in Singapore to tackle the same challenge.

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>92 tonnes
of E-Waste Recycled
through RENEW, our flagship public recycling programme. This represents an increase of over 56% from the previous year.

We are trialing an “intelligent power saving mode” on our 3G base transceiver stations (BTS) that will be activated during low traffic hours daily. During this period, the number of frequency carriers being transmitted is reduced resulting in an observed energy reduction of 10%. We will be scaling up our trial on 4G BTS in 2018.

Environmental strategy

StarHub is working on a strategy with targets which aims to reduce the impact of our activity, while providing solutions to the environmental challenges of our times using digital technology.

Our Environmental Strategy

Waste Management

Reducing waste generation, through reduction, recycling and reuse

Energy Consumption & Emissions

Striving for energy-efficient operations and adopting energy-efficient technologies, while consistently monitoring and implementing initiatives to reduce energy consumption

Environmental Stewardship

Innovative paths to reducing carbon footprints, raising awareness and promoting action by employees

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Together with employees, customers and business partners, we supported several community outreach initiatives that promote social and economic integration.


Charity Partners



have benefited from programmes supported by StarHub



in local community programmes in 2017

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Sustainability Objective 02

Supporting Youth,
Social and Digital

We believe that StarHub can play an important role in helping young people gain the skills required to thrive within the global digital economy through our community investment. Our networks and services play a critically important role in hundreds of millions of people’s lives, empowering individuals and enhancing businesses. However, we also recognise the consequences of digital disruption from an employment perspective, hence we believe we should do what we can to help ensure employability and bridge the digital divide.

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Sustainability Objective 03


The technologies we deploy can have a significant impact in our customers’ overall emissions and quality of life. As a service provider of digital solutions, we want to inspire positive changes in our customers’ operations. Our aim is to offer these advantages to as many customers as possible that enable them to be more efficient and sustainable.

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Like-Minded Partnership With ST Kinetics

In 2017 we announced our partnership with ST Kinetics to deploy heavy-lifting autonomous TUG robots that help automate the movement of materials in business environments. The deployment of these robots enables our customers to manage repetitive and tedious tasks efficiently, thus freeing up staff to focus on their core tasks. This helps to boost productivity and alleviate manpower crunch.

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In 2018, we can look forward to more partnerships in the area of collaborative robotics, sensor networks and augmented intelligence platforms that further anchors StarHub in the space of realisable and actionable IoT.

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Sustainability Objective 04


Our business depends on building strong, long-lasting relationships with a variety of customers, including small and medium-sized businesses. In order to create happiness through their experience with us, we strive to listen to their needs and recommend best fit solutions accordingly, through service innovation and excellence at every touch point.

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Customer Data Privacy and Cyber Security

We have announced a commitment to invest up to S$10 million over two years to boost our round-the-clock cyberthreat detection. This means doubling the size of our Security Operations Centres and certified cyber security analysts and researchers.



stake in Accel Systems & Technologies Pte. Ltd.

We use the Net Promoter System (NPS) index to gauge customers’ overall satisfaction of our products and services as well as customers’ loyalty and follow up with those who have submitted unfavourable ratings for our products or services, to address their concerns.

Service Quality

We continue to invest in infrastructural upgrades for our mobile, broadband, and TV infrastructure that would:

  1. Improve the resilience of our network services that allow customers to surf the internet and stream videos faster even during peak hours and mega events (for example National Day Parade, Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and New Year’s Eve Countdown)
  2. Make our networks faster and more efficient to enhance connectivity for the IoT age, support Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives and to prepare for next generation mobile services (5G)
  1. Provide better quality of service, pricing and capability to StarHub’s customers with the transition to StarHub’s own fibre-optic network
  2. Ensure prompt service recovery with minimum human intervention in the unfortunate event of service disruption
  3. Optimise our service delivery lead time
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This year, we have reviewed our approach on supplier management to ensure that companies supplying StarHub with products or services share our values and strive to meet the standards that we mandate across our own business.

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact initiative, StarHub is committed to implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights throughout its business operations. In order to make this commitment clear to employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, StarHub developed a Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) this year. This Code is based on the United Nations Global Compact Ten Principles and shall be publicly available.

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Sustainability Objective 05

Supply Chain

We seek to ensure the safety, well-being and ethical treatment of all who work with StarHub in any capacity, anywhere in the world. StarHub’s business relies on international supply chains that span multiple tiers and are complex to manage. The risks in these supply chains range from environmental issues to human right abuses in electronic factories or in the mining of metal and minerals.

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