What We Offer

As Singapore's first fully integrated info-communications company, we offer world-class communication, information and lifestyle services to every person, every home and every business.




A wide range of mobile services, enabling customers to call, text and access the internet, stream music and watch videos whether at home or travelling abroad.


A suite of international and local TV channels, and an OTT app StarHub Go, to catch the latest drama, education or sports programmes. 


A new approach to home Wifi system. Google Wifi points connect seamlessly to each other, you can add as many as you need without affecting your Wifi speed.



Telco Services

A rich variety of telco services for all your business needs from enterprise mobility to high speed internet connectivity and global VPN.

ICT Solutions

Extending the scope to include ICT solutions like IoT, cyber security, data centre and cloud services.

Digital Services

Develop digital platforms like the marketplace or application management with partners. For instance, the tie-up with Prudential for Fasttrack Trade.

Wholesale Services

Market and sell capacity on our core fixed network to Facilities-Based and Service-Based Operators.




Gender Diversity

% of Senior Level


Training Expenditure Per Employee


Enhancing the Customer Experience

What We Have


An award-winning initiative aimed at encouraging the public to recycle e-waste.


92 tons of e-waste was recycled versus 59 tons a year ago


Added 76 more e-waste bins in 2017



OCBC Bank and StarHub will invest S$6 million to build networks of partnerships across multiple industries and give customers better services, experiences and offers.


Corporate Knights’ Global 100

Ranked as one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies.

5 Consecutive

Launched Hubtricity to help accelerate Smart Nation

And to showcase its deep capabilities in connectivity, cyber security and data analytics.

StarHub WeChat

We introduced the StarHub WeChat Go SIM in response to the growing number of visitors from China. It gives them unlimited social messaging on the WeChat app.

Calls handled daily

+ 9,000

Best Pay TV Service

By HWM + Tech Awards 2017


New Spectrum


TDD-LTE Spectrum

used at National Day Parade.

improvement in network capacity.

StarHub + ST Kinetics

Tie-up introduces TUG robots to help streamline manual laundry tasks.

Auto Steps

Two Acquisitions (as of January 2018)

To boost our cyber security expertise, we acquired

ASTL + D’Crypt

Customer Service

CS Staff


Retail Outlets

CS Support

mm2 Asia

Gives the ability to provide customers with

Lifestyle + Experience

Value Creation

How We at StarHub Create Value

We are more than a reliable provider of integrated communications and entertainment services. With our network of trusted business partners, we are in a good position to grow and create value together.

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Customer Relationships

Innovation & Data Analysis



Society & Other Relationships

Technology & Infrastructure



How We Create Value

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Hubbing to Hub+

Taking the Hubbing concept further to Hub+ allows us to deepen the relationship with our customers and go beyond a subscription-based business model. Customers become ‘members’ of a wider ecosystem of businesses across different industries, enjoying a growing range of services and lifestyle experiences.

Making Hub+ Journeys

Our partnership with OCBC Bank to develop a ‘We Economy’ ecosystem by bringing together businesses across industries will support this strategy through harnessing shared data insights to deliver digital lifestyle services and enhanced customer experiences. We also established strategic partnerships with ST Kinetics on robotics solution for the Hospitality sector, with Prudential on blockchain-based digital trade platform for the SMEs and with NTUC to enable workplace digitalisation.

Our Brand

Our Brand

A Leg Up

The brand value we enjoy today represents the unvarying commitment to customer service and product innovation. The StarHub cachet is what will give us the leg-up as we head into a new chapter where we want to create happiness for our customers.

Differentiating Ourselves

Differentiating Ourselves

Our underlying thinking remains the same: deliver a high service standard and delight our customers. As we gain better insights into our customers’ lifestyle needs, we constantly improve on our customer service experience.

Making Happy Journeys

We no longer look at the customer’s journey in a ‘transactional’ manner. We are creating a seamless ‘episodic’ journey for our customers as we serve them from start to end.

Meeting Demands

Customers are using all types of channels to engage with us. To meet their needs, we have integrated the customer service touchpoints like retail centres, online contact points and My StarHub app.

We regularly upgrade our networks to stay ahead of our customers’ needs and Singapore’s Smart Nation aspirations. This gives us the core foundation from which we service our customers.

Governing Ourselves

Governing Ourselves

Best Practices

We are committed to continually uphold high standards of corporate governance and sustainability practices and policies that promote transparency, accountability and integrity. We believe this is critical to the long-term sustainability of our business and value creation for our stakeholders.

Effective Risk Management

We have an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework and process with top-down commitment to risk management and good governance. Our ERM Framework defines an approach that seeks to consider strategic risks which are debated and reviewed at the executive levels, and operational risks that are identified through comprehensive interviews at the business unit levels across the enterprise.


Value Creation

Customer Relationships
Innovation and Data Analysis
Society and Other Relationships


We make regular investments in our networks, spectrums, staff and other IT assets that help run our businesses in an efficient and productive manner. Our CAPEX commitments are balanced against the returns we can give our shareholders in the form of our quarterly dividend payouts.