StarHub Annual Report 2017


Bringing the Future Closer

Through the application of technology, digital solutions, artificial intelligence and service innovation, StarHub inspires Singapore's drive towards a Smart Nation.

We focus
on people,

We focus
on people,

We leverage on our collective experience and strong data analytics to understand what our customers expect of us. This allows us to make timely and relevant recommendations to them.

Hub+ Experiences

Provides customers with lifestyle experiences that money can’t buy

Concert Priority Tickets
Meet & Greet

CSISG Ratings







… connect enterprises to opportunities,

… connect enterprises to opportunities,

Our enterprise customers operate in an environment with greater IT complexities and we need to respond by providing them with more capabilities, and global and secure connectivity.

Curiosity Hub

Provides and monitors valuable social media insights and data analytics

Partnership with OCBC

To push Singapore’s “We Economy”

Cyber Security Centre of Excellence

Strong capabilities in Cyber Security

… and inspire change for the future.

… and inspire change for the future.

The Smart Nation push will yield plenty of opportunities for enterprises, start-ups and application developers to come together and build attractive IoT business cases, underpinned by a level of inter-connectedness.


To support Singapore's Smart Nation vision

Aethon TUG Robots

Tie-up with ST Kinetics to enhance hospitality operations


Partnership to co-develop IoT ecosystem and launch innovative IoT applications and services

Chairman's Message

A View from
the Top

Steven Terrell Clontz

StarHub has a new corporate vision – ‘inspiring digital innovation – for the best digital life has to offer’. We believe there are numerous opportunities to bring innovative services to market that enhance the way that people interact, their entertainment options, and their worklife.

Hubbing remains our over-arching business strategy and we are taking the Hubbing concept even further. We intend to broaden engagement with our customers, allowing us more insights into what customers need and want.

Steven Terrell Clontz


Chairman’s Statement highlights

In November, we announced a tie-up with leading insurer Prudential to launch a blockchain-based trading platform, where our customers can transact more efficiently with their own suppliers and customers.

We have also inked partnerships with several companies to provide ‘robot-as-a-service’ solutions. These solutions can streamline business processes and optimise efficiency for better productivity.

We have been rapidly improving our cyber security capabilities. For example, we are doubling the size of our Security Operations Centres with certified cyber security analysts and researchers.

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The customer experience enhancement journey in this dynamic landscape is an on-going one. What we have built and implemented thus far is a cumulation of the past few years of planning and execution. We trust the experience will get only better ahead.

Here are just some of the ways we have transformed in 2017 and continue to create value to every person, every home and every business.

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Launched Hubtricity to help accelerate Smart Nation and to showcase its deep capabilities in connectivity, cyber security and data analytics.

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We Economy
OCBC Bank Partnership
Formation of Singapore’s first bank-telco strategic partnership to drive Singapore’s collaborative economy or ‘We Economy’

Investing $6 million over 12 months to build networks of partnerships across multiple industries and give customers better services, experiences and offers.

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StarHub WeChat Go SIM
Introduced the StarHub WeChat Go SIM in response to the growing number of visitors from China. It gives them unlimited social messaging on the WeChat app.

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StarHub Leadership Team

Hear from the leadership team on how the business performed in 2017, what kept them busy over the past year, as well as their own stories on inspiring change.

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StarHub Leadership Team
Hubbing In Review


Customer needs are moving beyond traditional services. We need to meet them in a unified manner and we are driving this along.

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Better Value Packages

With a robust network, we are in a good place to offer better value packages for our data-hungry mobile users like DataJump and DataShare. DataJump lets mobile postpaid customers supersize their local data bundle while DataShare allows them to share a portion of their local data bundle across multiple mobile lines under the same billing account.

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Unlimited Weekend Data

In August we introduced unlimited weekend plans – suite of new mobile postpaid plans which offer free unlimited local data access on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Beyond Entertainment
Hub+ Experiences

The concept of Hub+ goes beyond entertainment. Industry silos are breaking down, some more clearly than others. We have built familiarity and trust with our customers. From this base, we are adding a network of strategic business partners.

This network, which we are building rapidly, is one that gives our customers greater variety, better offers, more relevant services and much more convenience.

StarHub Leadership Team
Hubbing In Review


With our own robust fixed network and ever-improving mobile coverage, we are well positioned to provide Smart Nation services.

We have formed alliances with like-minded industry partners and have made acquisitions to beef up our capabilities in the fast-growing area of cyber security. Before we become part of a Smart Nation, we want to be a Smart Company first.

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Cyber Security Strengthened
New Acquisitions, New Capabilities

We made two significant acquisitions as of January 2018, acquiring a majority stake in ASTL, a cyber security systems integrator specialising in the provision of security solutions, consulting and managed security services. In December, we also announced the intention to acquire D’Crypt, a cryptographic and secure communications solutions provider.

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Like-Minded Partners
Innovation via Digital Engagement

In 2017, we announced joint projects with like-minded partners that are eager to start building up capabilities in this new digital economy.

In October, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the NTUC aimed to enable working people to embrace workplace digitalisation and support on-the-go learning. In November, we announced a partnership with leading engineering firm ST Kinetics. The partnership is to deploy robots that can help save on manpower and make necessary chores such as laundry a more efficient one.

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Sustainability Report

Our Vision
for the Future

Steven Terrel Clontz
Sustainability Report

Our Vision
for the Future

As we work hard to add new capabilities and grow our business, we will not compromise on what is required of us as a responsible corporate citizen who cares for the wider community and environment.

Our sustainability strategy is focused on five areas, where our expertise and technology can create a lasting positive impact and where we see opportunities to use digital solutions to address societal challenges.

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Sustainability Objectives


Addressing Environmental Challenges


Supporting Youth, Social and Digital Inclusion


Partnering for Innovation


Improving Customer Experience


Promoting Supply Chain Integrity