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An Interview with Jason Goh, Founder & Director, Sinhan Holding SEA Pte Ltd

30 October 2020

“Mobile connectivity is changing not only how business work, but also how our customers live in this new norm.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe disruption to both global and local economic activity, with some sectors like food and travel being significantly impacted.

Amidst the fast-evolving situation, there are some small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who saw this period of uncertainty as an opportunity to streamline their businesses and operations by embracing delivery, ecommerce and social media platforms.

Jason Goh, Founder and Director of Sinhan Holding SEA Pte Ltd, shares his experience with the latest StarHub Mobile Office for his F&B business and how 5G and mobility solutions can improve his operations and sales during these unprecedented times.

Under Sinhan Holding, Jason runs multiple Korean-themed F&B restaurants – such as J3judo Kitchen and Huluruk Myeon House, with an upcoming central kitchen, consisting of halal and non-halal concepts.


Staying Connected to the Business

“StarHub Mobile Office allows me to be very mobile, and I can check all details in the shortest time on my mobile device, even while I’m on-the-move.”

When it comes to the F&B industry, time is of the essence. The fast-paced nature of the industry means staying connected to operations is pivotal in maintaining good workflow and processes. With the future of the industry leaning towards smart F&B, having an integrated operation-driven solution and the connectivity of 5G will enable F&B businesses to transform themselves in this new norm, to improve productivity and efficiency.   

Jason’s day-to-day routine starts from his office in the morning before heading to his outlets for on-ground operations work. As Jason shares, “Being in the F&B business, I am constantly monitoring our operations onsite or remotely, and always on-the-move. These systems allow us to check all the details that I need, and make a decision in the shortest time possible.”

With the ultra-fast 5G trial service and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, SMEs like Jason’s can now check on inventory data and monitor the business via CCTV on-the-go through his mobile device, helping to ensure smooth operations real time.

Jason often checks emails and vets marketing materials on-the-go. The high screen resolution of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G allows him to view the collaterals in high resolution and give comments or approval immediately.

Aside from reviewing marketing materials, Jason also snaps images of the food and restaurants with the mobile device using its high-quality camera and posting them onto the brands’ social media pages.

With the F&B Sales Index declining 23.6%[1] year-on-year in March due to the pandemic, staying connected to customers is ever important for business continuity. Social media presents a great opportunity for brands to reach out to new target market, strengthen business-customer relationship and cultivate brand loyalty through an easy-to-consume communication channel. For F&B businesses to thrive in this new normal, responding fast and establishing a sound offline to online and online to offline strategy is crucial.


[1] https://www.mti.gov.sg/-/media/MTI/Resources/Economic-Survey-of-Singapore/2020/Economic-Survey-of-Singapore-First-Quarter-2020/FA_1Q20.pdf


As the founder, business expansion is a core aspect of Jason’s job scope. Jason has set his sights on dishing out his Korean signature dishes beyond the Singapore market, with Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea in the pipeline. With limited traveling allowed, the 5G trial service is useful for Jason to communicate seamlessly through video tours on Microsoft Teams.

As a key enabler of digital transformation for F&B business, the 5G trial service brings interconnectivity for F&B businesses to synergise operations while establishing an integrated and unified communication channel between the business, its partners, employees and customers. 

Dishing a Digital-First, Customer-Centric Approach

“It is very important now that we are able to almost immediately respond to our customers.”

Business mobility is the rising trend, especially in this climate. With the shift in the traditional office setting to a mobile workforce, the F&B industry should remain connected to their customers no matter where they are. The SmartUC solution will enable employees to respond immediately using their mobile devices without the need to be in office physically at their desk, when customers dial in to their office number. This communication channel of being always on for customers helps to drive brand trust and craft a positive brand perception for businesses.

According to Jason, “SmartUC allows us to divert phone calls and inquiries to our mobile devices, and we can almost immediately respond back to our customers, which I think is very important for now, and in the near future.”


Understanding what customers want and their ever-changing tastebuds will be the key to sustenance for F&B business and attain long-term growth. The pandemic saw a change in consumer behaviour where consumers are ordering their meals online.

Rooted in his belief that 危机 (crisis) equal to 商机 (business opportunity), Jason took the fast lane in digitalising his business to ensure that his business adapts to the changing customer behaviour. The decision to go online and digital proved to be a success, with 20% increase in online deliveries and takeaways.

With the digital-first strategy, internal communications and collaborations are also made easier for Jason and his team.


Recipe for Success

“Now I can spend more time with my family while staying connected to the business from the palm of my hands.”

While it is not easy to maintain a good work-life balance amidst the fast-paced F&B industry, Jason credits mobile technologies like 5G and Microsoft 365 collaboration tools in making it possible. This means he can work on-the-go during pockets of time during the day, for instance between his gym workout sessions that he schedules to stay healthy.

The F&B Industry: Beyond 2020

The possibilities of 5G are limitless for the F&B industry. StarHub’s Mobile Office empowers F&B businesses to take charge of their digitalisation journeys and inspire transformation to a smart F&B industry with the capabilities of 5G. By integrating mobile technologies for synergised operations and enhanced customer responsiveness, smart F&B businesses can then deliver better brand experiences to end consumers.  

When it comes to business growth and operations, Jason’s latest central kitchen project could benefit from the 5G connectivity, along with artificial intelligence and IoT, to drive automation for improved productivity and efficiency. F&B businesses who embark on digital transformation with 5G can automate labour-intensive and time-consuming processes such as packing and production, yet ensuring consistent quality for all outputs. This level of efficiency will see cost-savings and increased in profitability in the long-term, allowing businesses to remain competitive in this saturated industry, all while staying connected to the business on-the-go.

Ready to integrate 5G into your F&B business? Embrace the future of work with StarHub's Mobile Office today.

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