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An Interview with Lynn Wong, General Manager at FirstCom Solutions

1 April 2021

“Digitalisation has a strong impact on productivity and profitability, as it encourages innovation for your company to maximise its potential.”


In Singapore alone, nearly 75% of businesses are accelerating their digitalisation efforts with the pandemic pushing forth a new norm of how consumers behave and how businesses operate[1].

Lynn Wong, General Manager at FirstCom Solutions shares why is it important for businesses to embark on digital transformation, and her experience with StarHub’s Mobile Office bundle.


[1] https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/nearly-75-per-cent-of-singapore-firms-are-accelerating-digitalisation-due-to-covid-19


Digitalisation’s the way forward

“The introduction of the PSG grant helped SMEs to accelerate their digital transformation.”

FirstCom, a one-stop go digital agency, doubled in size in the past year from helping companies to digitalise their businesses. From web design to digital marketing, FirstCom has provided solutions that helped companies to create a critical source of revenue for business continuity.

With the introduction of 5G in Singapore, there is no better time than now for companies to kickstart their digital transformation journeys. New trending technologies from Artificial Intelligence and Augmented and Virtual Reality, powered by 5G, can help boost productivity and enhance customer experiences.

StarHub Mobile Office: A one-stop solution

“Digital transformation is now essential for any business looking to grow and stay ahead of the competition in what is now a digital-first world.”

With the development of the company’s internal cloud software, Lynn expects to transform what used to be manual work functions such as sales order submissions, project management and human resource functions a singular, synergised digital portal. In a nutshell – enhancing mobile productivity anytime, anywhere. 

Lynn was excited to experience StarHub’s Mobile Office bundle which includes Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Samsung DeX, SmartUC, 5G trial service, and Microsoft 365 solutions.



The future with 5G

“The possibilities of 5G are truly endless.”

5G brings exciting possibilities for businesses across all industries and will scale digital transformation.

Lynn shares that 5G’s ultra-fast speed will result in more interactive features for customers. For example, a stronger, faster, and more reliable network will allow businesses to conduct smoother live streaming sessions to sell products online with less lag and glitches.

The pandemic saw Singapore’s first lockdown where brick-and-mortar retail stores were not attracting footfall and the impetus was on them to find ways to create alternative avenues of revenue. With many local SMEs in the retail sector looking for alternative solutions to their traditional business models, Lynn believes that 5G will revolutionise retail experiences. 

The lockdown has also changed the way consumers shop. More businesses are approaching FirstCom Solutions to request for specific interactive digital capabilities such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications or virtual showrooms, so consumers can try out cosmetic or fashion products online before making a purchase. The banking industry can also leverage facial recognition to personalise high-tier experiences when users login to their applications to drive customer loyalty. 

Devising a mobile-first strategy

“Having Microsoft 365 on my Samsung Note means I can easily update and check Excel documents on the go, making mobile work productivity a breeze.”

With more businesses adopting hybrid working arrangements, having a mobile-first strategy is key to unlocking mobile productivity. Lynn’s Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G is one tool that is very compatible with Microsoft Office. The S-Pen allows her to draft workflows and sign off urgent documents on-the-go easily.

With the Samsung DeX, Lynn can work on her mobile device, or connect her phone to the monitor or her SmartTV at home.

This way, she can pick up where she left off in the office conveniently and reduce her reliance on her laptop.

With the implementation of split-team arrangements where Lynn gets to work-from-home, collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams are useful for her cross-department meetings.

Striking a work-life balance

The shift towards mobile productivity will enable better company operations and work-life balance.”

As a mother of a 2-year-old, Lynn believes that it is important to put her family first and prioritises family time. With the increased connectivity via 5G and with mobile productivity solutions available, it encourages Lynn to get more work done on-the-go and free up time. 

With the extra personal time gained, Lynn can continue to do what she enjoys such as spending quality time with her family or meeting her friends for dinner, drinks, and mahjong sessions. 

Ready to digitalise your business with 5G and mobile productivity solutions? Embrace the future of work with StarHub's Mobile Office today.


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