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An Interview with Pauline Kwek,Marketing Director, AIBI International

30 October 2020

“StarHub’s Mobile Office sparks new ideas when it comes to redesigning our office space, where it is essential in helping us transit to this new hotdesking model.”

The future of office spaces is ever-changing. With the pandemic fast-forwarding how we work, businesses are beginning to evaluate their office models. New technological advancements like 5G will be game changers for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), shaping how we work in the new workspaces of the future.    

Pauline Kwek, Marketing Director of AIBI International, shares her experience on StarHub’s Mobile Office and how it enables AIBI’s shift to a mobility-driven office approach.


The Future of Workspace

“We’re breaking free from the traditional one-person-one-workstation style.”

A new age of remote working has changed how businesses work, questioning the need for a traditional office setting.

With 54%[1] of companies seeing working from home arrangements as a potentially long-term plan, AIBI is also rethinking their workspace strategy. Pauline shares that AIBI will be moving to their new building at Maxwell next year where they will be shifting to a hotdesking model that is a linear and lifestyle-focused set-up. Most companies are moving towards a model where employees have the flexibility to work from home or in office.

The shift in the working arrangements means connectivity and mobility solutions will be integral for any successful implementation. This is well aligned with StarHub’s belief in future-proofing businesses and creating digital innovations that will impact how businesses move ahead with times. StarHub’s Mobile Office brings connectivity, communication, and collaboration together to empower SMEs like AIBI in transforming their businesses as the future of work evolves.


[1] https://www.envirosustain.com/2020/09/07/the-future-of-workspace-how-will-the-office-real-estate-sector-adapt/


Changing the Game with 5G

“I’m excited by the new 5G capabilities that will improve productivity and increase efficiency.”

The new hotdesking model sees more employees working from home or wherever they may be, while staying connected. This alleviates overall productivity levels and empowers employees to take charge of their schedule.

Having experienced the 5G trial service, Pauline shares that 5G is a critical driver of true workplace mobility for seamless work communications. As she constantly works on-the-go, often taking video calls outside of the office setting, she highlighted that “with 5G, the clarity of my Microsoft Teams conference call improved tremendously”. This boosted speed from 5G not only helps in enhancing work productivity on-the-go, it also is a great time-saving tool for professionals like Pauline as it enables seamless communications to complete tasks faster even when out of the office. With an easy to deploy package, businesses continuity and communications are ensured especially during these unprecedented times.

Beyond staying connected, the introduction of 5G is a game changer for the health and fitness industry and will usher in more opportunities for innovative solutions. Businesses like AIBI will be able to leverage on augmented reality (AR) by integrating digital elements into existing showrooms or stores for an immersive experience for customers. When it comes to equipment, biometric readouts of workouts and real-time data visualisations on the equipment are a few of industry-specific enhancements to stay ahead of disruption.

These opportunities curated from 5G allow SMEs to stay relevant and alleviate the overall brand experience. SMEs can also synergise all their technologies through 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) to harness and maximise the potential of operations.


Keeping Pace with Technology

“AIBI is a trendsetter, we are always ahead of competition.”

Known as a trendsetter in the industry, AIBI is always at the forefront of new technology, whether in improving business operations or customer experiences. To boost employee productivity while transiting to a hotdesking model, Pauline sees Samsung DeX as the ideal platform to bridge mobile working with their new workspace approach.

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G that acts like a computer with in-built Microsoft 365 tools from PowerPoint, Excel to Outlook, employees will be able to work in shifts from home or in office easily.  The immediate sync feature of the Samsung DeX allows fast and seamless transferring of work documents so professionals like Pauline can pick up from where she left of when working on her mobile device.

Staying connected to customers is important for AIBI as they are in the B2C business and every customer call is an avenue for sales. While AIBI adopts a hotdesking model, employees would still be able to respond to customer calls from anywhere immediately and efficiently with SmartUC  without the need of a physical desktop phone. The idea of not being desk-bounded to respond to customers with reliable call quality over business phone lines, especially when AIBI is also operating an e-commerce site, is great for the new office model.

Aside from staying connected to customers, SmartUC brings seamless transition of transferring the office numbers between employees and easily scalable for future expansion plans.

Working Out A Plan

With Samsung S20, it has the capabilities of Microsoft 365, which is proven to be useful and I can truly work on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.”

As a mother to 5 boys, achieving a good work-life balance is the ultimate goal. Pauline acknowledges that by working on-the-go, she has seen an improvement in her productivity levels and the time saved is spent with her family or working out to stay healthy. “When I save more time, I can enjoy better work-life balance, which is what every mum wants,” Pauline reveals.

Beyond better work-life balance, the future of workspace through enhanced mobile connectivity will open the doors to more opportunities to remain competitive. As Pauline sums up, “now, that’s where and what I can call true workplace mobility, and it is well-aligned to AIBI’s vision of our future office.”

As one of the leading telecommunications companies in Singapore, StarHub is excited for our customers to leverage on digital innovations to power their digital transformation journey and stay relevant in this day and age.

Ready to future-proof your business with 5G? Embrace the future of work with StarHub's Mobile Office today.


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