Achieve efficiency in supply chain

eGuide on how communications technologies innovate operations in global supply chain.

Industry 4.0 has finally started to emerge as a real driving force shaping the future of the global supply chain. A confluence of technologies including advanced robotics and artificial intelligence sophisticated sensors; big data analytics; 3D printing; cloud enabled business models; high powered mobile devices, etc. are enabling advanced interoperability across companies, countries, collaborators and competitors. With more than $4.6 trillion of annual revenues at stake, the rewards are evident for businesses who can adopt the appropriate vision, strategies, tools and partnerships to ensure their digital fitness to compete and collaborate in this emerging technology driven paradigm.


Key Insights from this eGuide:
  • The digital disruption of global supply chains
  • Major technologies impacting the Transport & Logistics sector.
  • Realising the promised value of industry 4.0
  • Rapid business model improvements through SaaS delivered capabilities
  • Leveraging communications technologies for strategic collaboration

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