2018 ICT Enterprise Insights in
Digital Transformation

The rapidly changing business landscape is increasingly impacting ICT strategy and investment. Industry ICT suppliers must understand enterprises' needs at country and industry levels to ensure that their product, marketing, and sales strategies are aligned to customer requirements. To provide this insight, Ovum's ICT Enterprise Insights program, based on interviews with more than 6,300 senior IT executives, answers the key questions.

This whitepaper focuses on the top findings from this program for enterprises' digital transformation efforts within their organizations.

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Digitisation vs Digitalisation

Harness the full power of smart devices for profit and productivity.

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Achieve Maximum Business Outcomes with Network Resilience

Stay ahead of business disruption with a resilient network to avoid downtime and impact on service delivery. 

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Cyber Threat Monitoring Solutions: Effective Cybersecurity

Learn how StarHub’s cyber threat monitoring solution can help enterprises.

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