Enjoy the best of both worlds with StarHub Business and American Express

What's in the offer?

Save on your business expenses... Whether it's an office network or a business mobile plan, enjoy sign-up gifts including:

  • S$350 FairPrice Gift Vouchers you sign up for the StarHub Business Fibre Broadband 500mbps plan (2-year contract)
  • S$30 FairPrice Gift Vouchers when you sign up for the StarHub Business Mobile SIM only1-Year plan (S plan & above)

... and earn additional HighFlyer points. Save these Amex Offers* to your Card to enjoy:

  • 2 bonus HighFlyer points for every S$1 charged (for a total of 3.8^ High Flyer points per S$1 spent) with StarHub by 12 February 2021. (Offer is capped at SS1,200 spend per Card)
  • One-time bonus of 5,000 HighFlyer points when you set up and spend via recurring billing with your Card at StarHub by 12 February 2021. (Offer is valid from 12 August 2020 - 12 February 2021)
  •  Terms and Conditions apply.

Here’s how it all adds up
Example for illustrative purposes only

Sophia signs up for the Business Broadband for her 2 office locations and a Business Mobile SIM-only plan. She sets up and charges S$200/month via StarHub Recurring Bill Payment with her Amex HighFlyer Card, concurrently saving the Amex Offer above to her Card.

She receives StarHub's sign-up gifts of S$730 worth of shopping vouchers.
In the first 6 months, her Amex HighFlyer Card rewards her with:
• 2,160 HighFlyer points (worth S$21.60)
• 2,400 Bonus HighFlyer points (worth S$24)
• 5,000 one-time Bonus HighFlyer points (worth S$50) when she set up and spend via recurring billing with her Card at StarHub by 12 February 2021

Sophia enjoys HighFlyer points worth approx. S$95 on top of S$730 in shopping vouchers. 


*By saving this offer, you agree to the Offer Terms. Find out more here.

^Up to 3.8 HighFlyer points is calculated based on 2 bonus HighFlyer points, points in addition to the base eam rate of 1.8 HighFlyer points.

Sign up for a StarHub Fibre Business Broadband 500mbps plan (on 2-year contract) and/or a Business Mobile SIM only plan (on 1-year contract) with American Express and get rewarded today.

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