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With Smart Engagement, you can provide accurate and real-time information to employees, suppliers and business partners by setting up an automated communication workflow across multiple channels.

We have 12 ready-to-use best practice crisis communications templates customised to COVID-19 to help facilitate your outreach to a range of audiences for different circumstances and content.

12 ways to engage with your audience and help keep them safe
Community Advisory

Relieve anxiety, enhance collaboration and maintain community fellowship. Travel advisories, health and safety protocols. FAQs, case status and containment, self service advisories, resource sharing and more.
Staff Advisory

Easily inform your staff of the latest epidemic status, health advisories, change in operating protocols and actions.
Customer Advisory

Facilitate ongoing, seamless engagement with your brand, build confidence and competitive advantage during rapidly changing market environments.
Supplier Advisory

Ensure critical supplier/ vendor relationships are uninterrupted. Deploy safe engagement paths for continuous operations, even during alternate work arrangements.
Service Delivery Advisory

Proactively inform service recipients of altered business operations, manage expectations and ensure easy feedback paths.
Instant Teleconference & video

Simple, high-touch, remote engagement of diverse stakeholders anywhere they are and on any schedule. Connect. Engage. Thrive.
Travel Declaration

Simple method for staff and stakeholders to declare their recent travel and exposure history. Ensure compliance with all entry protocols and allows for auditable contact traceability.
Wellness Report

Simple and efficient method for an individual to declare any sickness and symptons. Communicates and informs those that need to know directly.
Statutory Reporting

Assist rapid response to any mandatory COVID case reporting requests. Person-to-person contact tracing, travel declarations and self medically declared quarantine notices.
Business Continuity Planning

Request staff to work from home or at an alternative location. Track acknowledgements and update location on a daily basis. Assist with contact traceability in the event of exposure to COVID-19.
Remote Working Notice

Issue notice to internal and external stakeholders on how best to reach staff and alternate work location.
Template Launcher

Save frequently-used communications templates to your mobile device for easy access and sending of declarations or notices.


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