Terms & Conditions

Smart Bill Challenge

  1. We agree not to disclose to any third party your business phone bill(s) (other than information that is or has become publicly available) which is provided by you to us and/or any of our agents, except to the extent necessary to comply with law, court order or any regulatory authority.

  2. Although we will analyse your current business phone bill, we cannot guarantee that our SmartUC proposal will DEFINITELY be cheaper.

  3. Further, we will only be analyzing bills based on your monthly recurring charges and how much you could potentially save per line per month. Take note that one-time charges and porting will not be part of our analysis.

  4. Our above message of "save up to 2x" is based on a real case study but the 2x saving may not apply to everyone.

  5. By sharing your business phone bill(s) with us, you accept these terms and conditions and give your consent to disclose your personal data to StarHub and our agent to contact and assist you in signing up for StarHub SmartUC, including but not limited to calling and texting you at your Singapore telephone number, and/or email address.