Hello 5G, Hello Mobile Office

Your Future Office, Now In Your Hands

At StarHub, we're always looking to inspire digital innovations to future-proof businesses. The rise of business mobility means professionals need to achieve more on-the-go, driving the need for solutions from 5G, SmartUC to Microsoft 365. 

Find out what our customers have to say and discover how you can integrate the Mobile Office into your digitalisation journey. 

Hello AIBI International

"StarHub Mobile Office sparks new ideas when it comes to redesigning our office space."  -  Pauline, Marketing Director 


Discover how Pauline envisions the Mobile Office can help to redesign the office workspace.

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Hello Cartus Corporation

"I think StarHub Mobile Office is a timely offering in this age of work from wherever and whenever."  -  Ling Ling, Senior IT Manager, APAC


Discover what Ling Ling has to share about a successful mobility strategy and how StarHub Mobile Office is integral for businesses moving towards mobility.

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Hello PAUL Singapore

"With StarHub Mobile Office, we are able to bridge our 130-year traditions with new technologies to deliver quality brand experiences for our customers." - Pearlyn, Sales Manager 


Discover how Pearlyn stay ahead of disruption while staying true to its 130-year rich heritage.

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Hello Sinhan Holdings

"StarHub Mobile Office allows me to be mobile, so I can check my work on-the-go." - Jason, Founder & Managing Director 


Discover how Jason was empowered to unlock business mobility.

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Hello FirstCom Solutions

"StarHub Mobile Office has empowered businesses to accelerate their digital transformation, enabling them to stay ahead in this digital-first world." - Lynn, General Manager


Kick start your 5G journey today, as Lynn, General Manager of FirstCom Solutions, uncovers how businesses can tap on 5G to reinvent themselves in the face of an ever-changing digital world.

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Hello Woodlands Transport

"StarHub’s Mobile Office bundle helps us achieve mobile productivity and smoothens on-ground operations to boost business efficiency.” - Timothy, Head of Airport Business 


Be inspired by Timothy as he shares how he managed to achieve seamless work operations while juggling working on-the-go.

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Hello Xpress Feeders

"Connectivity is very important in our line of work, and with 5G, we can address any concerns or requirements onsite fast.” - Vincent, Director & Global Head of Technology 


Join Vincent as he embraces the new age of mobile working.

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Up to $500 off any 5G handset with any Mobile Office Bundle.