Mobile Office - Frequently Asked Questions


1)      What is the Mobile Office?

Mobile Office is a complete Connectivity, Collaboration and Communication suite that enables you to work anywhere with greater ease and quicker accessibility.

2)      What does the Mobile Office bundle include?

Mobile Office bundle price includes:

a.       The Biz+ 2-year mobile plan of your choice at 10% off the usual price of monthly subscription, additional local data bundle and discount off selected handsets. 

b.        SmartUC Mobile subscription at $9.60 a month for 24 months (usual price : $12.84)

You will need to add on a Microsoft365 Business Standard 1-year subscription at $199.54 (before GST) where it is also applicable for 80% subsidy via PSG grant.

With the purchase of the Mobile Office bundle, customers will also get to experience 5G Trial service at no extra cost.


3)      Who is eligible to sign-up for this bundle?

The Mobile Office bundle is applicable to SME customers who sign up for a new business mobile line or recontracting their existing business mobile line with the Mobile Office bundle.


4)      Can I switch the Biz+ 2-Year plan to a Biz+ SIM only 1-year plan or Biz+ SIM only no contract plan?

The Mobile Office Bundle is only applicable on the Biz+ 2-Year plans.


5)      Am I able to opt out for the SmartUC Mobile subscription for 24 months?

No, it is included as part of the Mobile Office bundle. Otherwise, you may wish to subscribe to our Biz+ standalone mobile plans. 


6)      How can I purchase the Mobile Office bundle?

You can purchase the Mobile Office bundle via any of StarHub’s authorised channel partners or call 1800 888 888 any time from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.


7)      Am I able to pair with any handset?

We encourage you to pair the Mobile Office Bundle with a 5G-ready handset to experience 5G trial service at no extra cost. However, you can still pair with any handset of your choice.